Here is my client. She is on the moderate skin care regimen..What suggestions do you have for me...she is coming in 1x week for treatments.

I've done cranberry turnover, blueberry ...glycolic


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I personally would mellow down on the aggressive approach. I would be more gentle mixed in with a more aggressive treatment on the 3rd visit. I would encourage adding a cellium led panel to your acne protocols. Also it looks like it could be internal inflammation. Work on the inflammation without causing high levels of trauma to the skin and the rest should be improved.

I wish I had the Celluma panel that would be fantastic. I'm getting quite a few with acne so this would be a good investment.

She is loving her results thankfully..She has never had any cystic go away/diminish unless she had a steroid shot in the cystic exciting. Now we have the redness to deal with and yes bring calm to the skin.

Thank you for your input I appreciate it


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