I am looking to add a skin care line to my spa that is sold to professionals only.   Any leads?  Thanks so much.

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Once again, here we go...    



The statement that caught my eye: "SERUMS by SKIN MAGIC, LTD., is a unique custom-blended skin cell therapy system, which uses Medical Grade Active ingredients and is FDA Approved."

Here is the link to the exact location: https://skinmagicltd.com/service/skin-cell-therapy-system-european-...

Please provide the link or supporting documents so myself and others can take a look at what exactly your FDA claim is.  Thank You.

If you want an example of what they look please click this link (Example: Advil): https://google2.fda.gov/search?q=advil+ibuprofen&client=FDAgov&...*

 - Marty

Responding directly; sorry for the off topic response but could not help it. ;)

Original Question: I am looking to add a skin care line to my spa that is sold to professionals only. Any leads? Thanks so much.

I am of the opinion, lately, that if you are a professional and you want to make money via a professional line and that it is going to be a major part of your spa revenue stream then you might want to reconsider that exact approach.

I will not go into too much detail but here is an idea that might work well and I think most of your clients will be happy with your decision:

1.  Not all clients want the discount; some actually want to support you! So if the line is on amazon what is wrong with finding out if they want a small discount, or a price match or nothing at all.

2. You are basing a decision on the line to buy based on a point that could change at any time and probably will since diversion comes in many ways.

Case in point I once bought an entire spa full of my product at close to retail so the owner, who was pregnant and stopping her business, would not divert it to Ebay or Amazon.

With hat said...

3. Base your spa on the line that demonstrates the following:

A. Low or zero minimums

B. Free or next to free product for promotions

C. Treats you like you are the only customer

D. Will allow you to take back every return without losing money. Can Ebay or Amazon do that?

E. Makes a partnership with you instead of a vendor / customer relationship

And here is how that can all happen and should happen but rarely does:

A product that costs you $20 and you resell it for $35 - $40 costs the mfgr over 50% less the professional price you paid depending on what it is.  Your skincare line provider should help you when they can and utilize that margin to do so when necessary. This key point will be way more critical then your concern on your original question. 

Marty Glenn

p.s. Some times it really is amazing knowing what I know and reading some of these questions and concerns and seeing the advice and the choices being made. Actually, maybe it is a curse. ;)

I hope this helps and I hope you find what you are looking for; some good advice was given prior to my posts.  I know there are companies out there that have the same opinions that I do.  Needle in the haystack, maybe, but definitely worth the effort when you find them.


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