Torn between the ones on and Shelley Hancock's. Anyone use either or both and can share info?

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They are the same item and I bought them but didn't like them. I would put the $ towards a microderm machine.

If you would like to sell yours I would be interested.

Thank you

I love my dermafiles and use them instead of microdermabrasion. I find it to be less drying and less harsh for the client. I am getting amazing results!

Thanks ladies. I already have a microderm machine (the landlord I rent from has one for me to use), but the problem is, I need to have certification through the state and it's only offered a couple times per year.

Hi Sara....I just wanted to let you know that the Dermafiles that come from me and from Lesley Lind at Dermfile are the exact same thing. Lesley and I are very close!! She is the manufacturer and I am her distributor....and a user!!! You'll be taken good care of no matter whom you purchase from. Thanks for your interest in them!

Thanks for clarifying, Shelley! Definitely something I need to order!

I just ordered the Dermafiles from Lesley and I can't wait to get them. I'll let you know what i think. : )

I just had a treatment yesterday from a fellow Esty and she used the Dermafiles on top of the Glo hydrating cleanser...and I loved the feel and how my skin felt!!  I am thinking about ditching my diamond micro and buying them myself!!  You can use them on everyone which is nice!! 

I just ordered my set...woohoo!  Question for the seasoned ladies, which one do you use more often and do you replace them after a certain amount of time? 

I just ordered my set too!  So excited!

So overall question, as I'm interested in purchasing this... is it good for acne scars too? Is it painful? And does it take the place of microderm? How much do you all charge per treatment?

not sure on price yet....but its like a micro without the suction.  you can absolutely use to smooth scars.  I have a friend with scars on her bottom from falling through a glass table...I am going to experiment on cheek micro and peels, other dermafile and peels.


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