Hi all - okay, so I am going to be diving into learning about Glo in a few weeks here, and I wanted to know, what are your favorite products by the line and why? What has the most effectiveness on aging skin or acneic skin? And what are your thoughts about Glo's peels?

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I am actually dropping the line personally.  While I liked most of the line, especially for basics like cleanser, moisturizer, toner and spf...it wasn't worth the high shipping cost and lack of company support in regards to rep and education.  I have been using it a little over a year.  I actually know a few Estys that were using and dropping for the same reason.  Expect shippiung to be around $20 plus.

I like the peels and the restorative mask and refining mask as far as professional products go. 

Glo's peels are wonderful!  I am incorporating this line into my treatment room and phasing out another line that is too pricey.  Have you tried the Vitamin C mask and/or the Mod-Jessner peels for aging skin?  Acneic skin would benefit well from a salicylic peel.  I have an absolutely wonderful rep who puts on CEU classes and other educational events.  Even though I am just a solo-practice, she still comes to visit me each month and helps me set up a marketing plan, establish new services, etc.  I have found the customer support to be over and above.  Probably depends on your rep and your area.  All of the products I have tried from Glo are exceptional and my clients are singing Glo's praises, too.  :)

I am moving to a new location (solo esthi) that already carries Glo. The owner does all the ordering but I am welcome to bring my current lines in (Image and Skin Script). I would like to use Glo's products since I have access to them anyway. So far the rep has been wonderful and very communicative.

Any tips on the Glo Minerals products??

I believe Glo Minerals was voted Day Spa readers top makeup pick (or something like that).  I have personally used the lip products and am very pleased.  Since I am newer to GloProfessionals, I have been ordering a few demos and testers each month to try out myself before I incorporate in the treatment room or purchase for retail.  Going to get matched in a powder tomorrow when my rep visits.  ;)  Will let you know what I think once I have used the product for a bit.  I have used the Glo Essentials hair care products and LOVE the brunette dry shampoo.  No more white powdery looking roots if I don't get it worked in enough. 

Sarah - How did the powder matching go? And are you using Glo now? The salon I rent out from already carries the line, so it's easy for me to use it and not spend extra money. However, I don't have masks to use, so what's the point in doing a Glo facial?

I really like the mineral makeup!


Does anyone know if there is an Eye Zone Treatment protocol for Glo?


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