5 Things That a DNA Test Can Tell About You

DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid is a molecule that stores a genetic map about the development of past generations and a program for the development of future generations. The DNA testing method is a genetic analysis of hereditary material that stores key information about the structure and general condition of the human body. 

A study of human DNA allows to find out if the body is resistant to viruses. What hereditary and age-related diseases are you predisposed to. It tells us why some people can eat fatty foods and not gain weight, while others gain excess weight only by breathing over food?

1. Why You Cannot Lose Weight

Nutritionists and fitness trainers constantly tell us that in order to maintain weight at the optimal level, you should not rely on fatty, floury and sweet foods, preferring healthy fiber, white meat, fresh fruits, and vegetables. But these general tips do not work the same for everyone, so instead of the expected result, you can receive the opposite. 

Using a DNA test, you can manage your weight and choose the right nutrition plan avoiding strict diets, stress, and food breakdowns. The test results will show the features of your food perception, which foods are a source of energy replenishment for you, and which ones should be avoided due to body intolerance. You will find out the individual causes of excess weight, as well as which vitamins and nutrients you need to keep yourself in good shape.

2. How to Replenish the Lack of Energy

Fatigue, persistent irritability, drowsiness, apathy, and reduced ability to work can be symptoms of various health problems. To find out the true causes of sicknesses and remove energy blocks you can take a DNA decryption test. It will help you to understand why your personal effectiveness has decreased and will establish factors that can provoke a risk of developing hereditary diseases. 

DNA results will also help to correct the therapeutic diet in the presence of already existing problems in the functioning of the nervous, digestive, cardiovascular or musculoskeletal systems.

3. What Kind of Sport Suits You

We are used to thinking that the regularity of training is proportional to the quality of the results. Despite the fact that there is some truth to this, in fact, a genetic predisposition has a much greater impact on your sport success. A DNA test will allow you to determine the type of sport that suits you based on your innate indicators of strength, speed, and endurance, metabolism and energy consumption. 

This test can help you understand how to optimize your training in order to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time and, if possible, to avoid sports injuries.

4. What Care Does Your Skin and Hair Need

Since our skin is unique, cosmetics treatments that give good results for someone else may be useless for you. It’s important to understand how exactly your skin responds to environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, frost, wind, and which specific skincare ingredients will give the best results. 

A DNA test can shed light on the needs of your skin and provide you with answers to questions that most women worry about. You will learn how to cope with skin irritation and dryness, which cosmetic procedures are right for you, whether you can sunbathe without damaging your skin and how to eat properly to protect its beauty.

Professional masks, shampoos, oils, vitamins, and expensive salon procedures such as PRP for hair loss also do not always guarantee radiant and full hair, since its condition depends not only on care but also on genetic factors. With the help of modern DNA tests, it is possible to determine the causes of hair disease and identify whether woman is prone to it. 

5. How to Maintain Your Baby Health

DNA tests can provide complete and reliable information about the health of your child at any age. DNA results will show the presence of intolerance to gluten and lactose, establish the risk of allergies and diseases associated with malnutrition, as well as what vitamins and nutrients a child’s body needs. You will learn about the child’s innate abilities for sports, genetic predisposition to hereditary diseases and how bad habits in adulthood can affect his health.

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