6 Important Reasons to Have More Sex With Your Partner

Sex is an important part of human life. You should know that sexual intercourse is essential not only for baby-making, but it also has a great number of health benefits. Moreover, sex has a beneficial effect on the relations and intimacy of the couple. In order to convince you to make love more often, we gathered these six important reasons to have more sex with your partner.

1. Sex improves communication

Couples that experience a lack of communication often report that sex also starts to disappear from their bedrooms. This creates a vicious circle, no communication - no sex - no communication. If you want to improve the understanding and communication in your relations, the most pleasant way out is to have more sex. Moreover, most people tend to speak more freely after intercourse. This may help you recognize certain problems that you might not even notice. 

2. Sex helps loose weight

Sex is a great way to keep you in shape. Despite the fact that regular intercourse burns not so many calories as exercising, it is still much better than spending the evening in front of the TV. Sex increases the health rate and the effect is similar to slow bike riding. However, if you want to burns more calories, you can try some poses that require more active movements or make your muscle tense. 

3. Sex relieves pain

There is no need to refuse sex anymore because of a headache. During orgasm, your body boosts the production and release of endorphin and serotonin. Endorphin and serotonin are chemicals that are responsible for good mood and pain relief as well. They are also called “feel-good” chemicals because of their ability to improve well-being in general.

If you suffer from dysmenorrhea (painful periods) such an unusual way to relieve pain can also be helpful. In many cases, people may refuse to have sex during periods because of blood. However, you can do it in a shower or take a shower before sex. You should also lay an old towel of other fabric on your bed in order not to spoil your sheets. 

4. Sex relieves depression

As mentioned above, sex increases endorphin and serotonin production. This may significantly ease your depression because serotonin makes you smile and feel happy. Moreover, active sex makes you feel a bit tired and relaxed that also positively impacts your mental health. That’s why it is better not to avoid sex if your depressed or upset. 

5. Sex boosts fertility

There is a common misbelief that if you have sex more rarely, you have more chances to become parents. The reality is that if you have sex often, the quality of sperm increases. You should also know that ovulation is usually unstable and not so many women actually feel when it occurs. 

If you are planning to have a baby, it is essential to have sex regularly (at least twice a week) with little intervals. Moreover, regular sex life can regulate the hormonal balance and menstrual cycle in women. 

6. Sex improves your self-esteem

In addition to the fact that sex and especially orgasm have a lot of benefits, it can also positively impact your self-esteem. People who experience a lack of sex in relations usually start to think that something is wrong with them. As a result, they may become depressed and their self-esteem decreases. 

You should know that people who have a regular sex life and are happy with the quality and frequency of sex tend to be more confident about their bodies. That’s why there is no reason to reduce the amount of sex even if you don’t like the way you look. 

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