6 Safe Methods to Lighten Your Hair Naturally

Hair lighting is expensive and always means regular trips to the colorist, more expensive haircare, and of course hair damage (no matter what products you use). But how can you get lighter hair without spending a lot of money and damaging your hair?

Fortunately, there are some natural and safe ways to lighten hair at home. Of course, it’s important to understand that these remedies aren't as powerful as professional hair lightening, but still can have a good effect.

1. Vinegar

A prolonged rinse with vinegar can wash out color from your hair which makes it a good natural lightener. If you want to use vinegar as a hair lightener, it’s important to be extremely careful since too much vinegar can cause damage. If your hair is thin and brittle, vinegar is not a good option for you. However, if your hair is thick and healthy you can use vinegar to lighten your hair safely.  

2. Sea Salt

Sea salt is an excellent natural hair lightener. It can lighten and brighten previously lightened hair. You simply need to get your hair wet with sea salt water from the ocean and let the sun and air dry it. You can also mix one tablespoon of sea salt with half a cup of warm water and leave it on for ten to twenty minutes. 

3. Baking Soda

While baking soda is commonly used for teeth whitening, it can lighten and brighten your hair as well. Just mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 1/3 cups of warm water and apply it with a color brush or paintbrush. Keep it off the scalp and be careful around your face, as it can cause skin dryness. 

4. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is a well-known lightener. The acidity in lemon juice can lighten your hair color by changing the hair’s pH levels, but it’s important to heat it in order to open up the cuticle and have maximum impact. Apply lemon juice on your hair and let it dry in the sun. However, lemon juice usually only works on light hair. 

5. Honey

Honey contains an enzyme called glucose oxidase which can lighten your hair. Glucose oxidase breaks down sugars found in honey and serves as a protectant from spoiling. Yes, honey can’t spoil. However, this enzyme generates trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide. If you mix honey with spices like cardamom or cinnamon, you’ll be able to lighten your hair more effectively, since those spices can work alongside honey’s peroxide properties to help activate an added boost.

It’s better to apply this honey mix on wet hair and cover it with a shower cap. Keep your hair coated from one to four hours depending on how light you want to make your hair or how dark your current color is.  

6. Chamomile

Chamomile contains a pigment called apigenin. That pigment creates a golden tint and can automatically attach itself to the hair shaft when applied. 

Dilute chamomile with water and apply it to wet hair. You can activate apigenin through heating. You just can sit in the sun or use a hairdryer. 

If your current hair color is fair, you can also try making your hair lightener from chamomile tea. Chamomile will not only lighten your hair but it also acts as a natural conditioner leaving your hair soft, hydrated, and shiny. As you see all these methods are natural, so don’t be afraid to try them. 

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