Laser Stretch Mark Removal and its Side Effects

Though stretch marks do not have any health implications directly related to them, their presence may be an indication that something is not working out well in the body especially when weight gain causes the marks. Stretch marks may also result from hormonal changes in the body which inhibits the production of collagen. They mostly occur in areas where large amounts of fats are stored in the body. When dry skin is stretching it becomes itchy

Laser treatments work by stimulating the pigment-producing melanin to produce more darkening color to cover the stretch marks. Simple anesthesia may be used to reduce the discomfort associated with the procedure.

There are many options available to get rid of these marks, but we shall mainly concentrate on laser treatment

Pulsed dye laser therapy

It is a technology that aims to correct this skin condition by working on the blood vessels responsible for circulating oxygenated blood to the affected areas. Proper blood circulation ensures that the dermal connective tissues of the skin perform better and synthesis of collagen is enhanced. High levels of collagen improve skin elasticity which eventually leads to a reduction of Stretch Marks.

Fractional CO2 laser therapy

It is a non-ablative laser; it causes minimal damage to the outer part of the skin. A stretched skin has already lost its elasticity, and the laser aims at promoting the production of Elastin. The laser creates wounds in the skin, and during the healing process, the collagen and Elastin produced shrinks the skin and reduces or removes the stretch marks more naturally.

The Excimer laser

It is a type of laser for stretch mark treatment that does not work like other lasers. It uses a high energy ultraviolet laser to disrupt the molecular bond in the skin tissues, this causes the skin to disintegrate, and in the process of integrating, the stretch marks fade away.

Side effects

As it is the case with almost all medical procedures, none can only be said to have the desired effects without causing any discomfort to the patient. The following are some of the side effects associated with laser usage but they only occur in rare cases.

  • The processes can be painful and abrasive, but the use of appropriate anesthesia helps to reduce the discomfort. The pain results from the microscopic holes in the skin. These tiny holes can cause swelling and reddening of the skin too.
  • Sometimes blisters and minor burns are reported after treatment sessions. It is worth noting that the majority of lasers use heated light to treat a condition. The blisters might form an entry point for bacteria, and thus the appropriate antibacterial medicines should be administered to avoid infections.
  • The lasers can cause discoloration especially to people with darker skin. If this condition is not attended to well, it can cause permanent discoloration. Always discuss the success rate and possible implications with your dermatology to avoid losing your money or ending with a more discolored skin than it was actually before the treatment.
  • The success rate of lasers in the treatment of stretch marks is not 100% effective since they are designed to break up tissues but not to repair the tissues. So after breaking the skin tissues, the natural body healing process causes the stretch marks to disappear gradually. Thus, when compared to surgical means of stretch mark removal that deals with the condition directly, it may be termed as more efficient compared to lasers which treat the conditions through indirect means.
  • It is not effective on stretch marks that have reached the white stage. Lasers cure by accelerating production of collagen and Elastin, thus in marks which are past certain stages, there will be nothing to stimulate to restore natural color.


The age of the stretch marks determines how easy it will be to remove them. Older stretch marks might require up to 10 sessions to treat and get rid of them. Results are only visible after some treatment sessions. The treatment method is friendly because it is less invasive and the recovery time is shorter compared to other methods. 

Stretch marks should not be source anxiety or insecurity to any person since they do not have any health risk. However, it is always good to deal with them to enhance your beauty and boost your confidence level.

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