I have had my studio open almost two years now, and am ready to upgrade and buy new equipment. I have been looking at both the LED units and Microcurrent from Bio-Therapuetic. Does anyone have an opinion as to whether the I really need the LED option with 4 light options - or just red and blue - in LED? It's a big jump in price to get all 4.

The microcurrent is quite pricey as well, so not sure if I will go all in or perhaps just get the bt-nano. Does anyone use the nano?

Has anyone found equipment that is just as effective - preferably with training - at a lower price point?

Thanks for any input. Happy Valentine's Day! 

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How much are they asking for just the red and blue? and all 4?

They are asking $5000 for the all color and $3000 for the red blue combo. Not sure if the extra $2k is worth it. Their microcurrent is close to $6k! Big decision for me.

The Celluma LED Panel just has red/blue/infrared but it's half the cost.

A quality microcurrent def is going to run $5k.

I just purchased the TAMA - but the Myotonology is good too, some people like the Neroutis or the Jade. And I have heard that many people are happy with their Skin for Life and LCL Microcurrent units

Cindy, Have you used the Celluma or know of someone who would recommend it?  I am considering buying it. I have a Jade microcurrent and like it very much. But it was expensive. Would not recommend it for someone just starting microcurrent. I have a small LED red and blue light that I like but am ready to upgrade. Elaine I have not used the nano but understand you hesitation to commit to such a large debt. 

Cindy - I just sent you a message - hope I did it right! 

Hi Elaine,

If you're looking for the BT Nano, I have one for sale. Used just once. Also, I have the Dermatude for sale as well. You can look at both, at Shelleyhancock.com  She has a site just for Esties to sell their used equipment. Its under "Equipment Deals". 

Cheryl - Just curious why you are selling the Nano. Don't believe I can use the Dermatude in PA. 

Elaine, I'm selling the BT Nano because my husband bought me a machine that includes micro-current with other modalities. The Nano is a great little machine, I just don't need two.  

Elaine, I'm selling the Nano because my husband bought me a machine that includes micro-current with other modalities. The Nano is a great little machine, I just don't need two.  

Right now the Myotonology pro units are only 2995, so you don't have to break the bank on those 5-6k machines. They also have a 3 year warranty and knowledgeable trainers who you can meet with over Skype(free) or in person(travel to them, or have them come to your practice). The website is www.myoinc.com

I've had the BioT Gold for 10 years.  I paid $6k for it and it's as good as new.  I don't feel I got the most out of it because I found that most clients don't want to do the required repeat treatments, 3-4 days apart to receive the full benefits of a lift.  If I were just starting, I'd try something like the NuFace at a much lesser investment.  As clients become educated on micro current, perhaps you can get a read how many would seriously be interested in committing to a series before making a huge investment.  NuFace does offer training and you can retail the device to your clients.  The one on Amazon is not the pro device, so it doesn't have the power.  I also like the option offered here to purchase the bt-nano but I would ask to have it certified before purchasing.  Of course the seller may build that into the price of the sale.

I use both the micro-current and the LED from Bio-therapeutic. I know they have both been great investments for me. The micro current machine I have is the Gold and is easily 10 yrs old,the LED is just the red and blue and is more than enough for what your trying to achieve. Honestly if my gold machine were ever to break,I think I would just do the nano instead of the $5000+ for the platinum. I think the nano and the red/blue LED is the lower priced way to go w/ great results and you are setting yourself apart from other salons that only offer a variety of facials.Also they run a 25% off sale 2 times a year.July and Jan if you want to wait for better pricing. Good Luck


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