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             I'm currently in the process of opening a mini Day Spa - I will be the only one work by appointments only. I have plans to officially open February 28. I don't have a lot of start-up money. I'm looking for suggestions of product line with little to no start-up cost. I'm trying to open an all organic spa. Right now I have Dermalogica. I would love to use Eminence however I do not have $4,000. The Name of my Spa is First Day Spa...

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Maybe I can help...Please register on my site at:


Then look at the education section and look at the manuals.  There are three of them as well as a link for 'All Education Documents' that I wrote which will give you a lot of details that went into the line.  It is not organic but there are products you might find very interesting.  If you like, since your on a budget I can send you samples and charge you cost plus shipping.  I would pick only the fluffy side and go from there. My email is below if you want to contact me directly.

Marty Glenn





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