This is an organic line developed by an Esthetician. located in Nevada City CA. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has used this line and what you/your clients experience has been with the line and dealing with the company.

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I did a little research (15 minutes) and not that it is a big deal but this is a classic private label line so I do not know how much research with regards to other estys who are using it you are going to find. 

They have spent a lot of time on their website and bringing this line to market so I would think dealing with them would be very professional and the service would be great. But with that said...


See the bottles?  Those are bought in 12's. Not in hundreds, so the minimums allow for anybody to do in very small and affordable lots.

See the labels.  Now some lines want labels but most do not.  The reason is silk screened looks and feels more professional and established. Labels are also very inexpensive and easy to do. Another sign of private label.

The number of products? That is a HUGE line! Another sign of private label. Being able to bring that many products to market that quick is a sure sign of the mfgr process already having been completed and tested.

This line is bought in gallons or 5 Gallon pales and filled in her home or salon or combination (I am sure it is clean and very professionally done) and I am sure if you asked her for documentation on it she would give it to you. That is, the documentation from what it is and the organic certification.

If you want to know everything about this line, ask for the certification that it is formulated within a US organic certified lab and the lab's name will be on the certification. Also, ask for the FDA certification where the product is made and that also will have the labs  / mfgr name on it.

I am almost certain that she is not the only one using this liquid so probably what I would do is this:

Look for what the active ingredient or ingredients is / are and then find discussions on this forum or other that talk about using them. Form there you can get a very good idea on what you should do and how it will perform on different skin types and fitz types.

I think that answers both your questions in an indirect way.  Right?



Yes, thanks for your information.  Your brought up some issues that I didn't even consider.   This past weekend I attended a product knowledge class and learned more about the line. It's an organic aloe based line that's packed with some very good active ingredients like Vit C, peptides,DMAE, hyaluronic acid to name a few.   I liked what experienced with the hands on treatments and will be incorporating this line into my practice for those that request an organic line. The class was small so we had lots of opportunity to ask questions and give input about the line. 


That's perfect. Glad I helped and what is most important is that you received the answers. Now you know what you should do if you want further details and Organic certs so you can put on the wall. Clients will like that and appreciate it.



I just came across this while checking Seo on a new site we are launching soon. I am Dawn Lorraine McGrath, of Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare. I want to specifically address some of your comments regarding our product line. You are correct in your statement that bringing an extensive line to market in a short time is a significant challenge. One that most people simply could not pull off. But through hard work and shear determination that is exactly what I did. Certainly many people told me the only way I could do it without a half a mill in cash, was if I chose private label.  You are also correct in your assumption that I purchase labels rather than silkscreening because it is easier to start out small that way. Additionally though what your comment fails to acknowledge is that it also allows for flexibility  to address fluctuations in sales. Just because a line uses labels does not though automatically mean it is a private label. There are many companies, small, medium and large who still use labels for the same reasons I stated.  You make other being that our product is a "classic private label line".  A classic private label is a completely pre-formulated product which is either purchased in preexisting packaging or filled in to packaging with no modification. When I wanted to create a line I simply didn't have the cash to formulate from scratch, so I came up with an alternative that allowed for the creation of our own unique products that was NOT the standard private label. I worked with a lab that sells base formulas designed to be hand modified. I do use their premade basic mixes as the base for our products but I make them our own by adding actives, botanicals, and scent that make our products uniquely our own. With the exception of our peels and sunscreen, I have actually personally hand-blended the products since 2010 spending many hours per week and frequent 7 day weeks doing so.  Another comment you make is that this is a HUGE" line, so again, it must just be a classic private label.  We have 36 products, I don't consider that huge. I Initially started with far fewer products than I have now before breaking out into wholesale 2 years later. I have slowly added items to meet the needs of our estheticians.  Also, you suggest that we purchase our containers "12 at a time" when you do not actually know at all what we do.  I actually purchase our packaging in bulk in the hundreds and thousands. But, that is not entirely the point, just because a type of packaging is easily available does not again directly indicate a private label is being poured into it. It can also mean that a company is small and hasn't yet reached the minimums needed or may not have the  available funding to develop their own packaging, an insanely expensive process with minimums in the 10s of thousands per sku. I realize that perhaps you believe you are an all encompassing expert in these areas, but, perhaps in the future you might consider confirming that what you are stating is indeed accurate and not just your assumption based on simply viewing a companies website and looking at their containers.  


I cannot get anyone to answer their phones to order :-(

Just purchased their trial kit. Love it so far!

So, I like the line but chose not to go with it because of their products were perhaps a bit too strong for even me. Lol 

Hi Amy, sorry our scents were too much for you. But thank you for speaking well of our products regardless.

I love what you're doing with your line Dawn!!! I have really loved it and I realized that when I called it was due to storm issues which where out of your control.

I love this line. I choose not to go with it because I went in another direction.  Otherwise, I think this would be the line I use!

Thank you for doing this and for bringing your care into our field. I think we are really lucky to have you here.

Found this line at the San Jose show.  Tried the big sample kit.  I really loved it all.  The aromas are nice.  It is a very healing line.   The shea butter sunscreen price is sort of taking me aback.  32.00 retail for one ounce.   I really like the tangerine spray.  


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