I am always looking for a great skin care line that offers no minimum ordering, great education and samples. I am now looking at SkinScript and was wondering if anyone has used or heard any reviews about this line?

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I have used the line for almost 3 years. My clients love the enzyme masks during their facials (you want to eat them). You can easily boost the treatment with alpha/beta hydroxy acids. They have an amazing TCA peel.

The homecare is great~ not to expensive so the clients feel they can buy more. Highly recommend the glycolic retinoyl pads.


I just ordered the sample kit for retail and masks.  I haven't tried the masks yet but did not care for the retail home-care products.  I didn't care for the packaging (I did order a few full-size products) or the texture/consistency of the products.  The smell was also off-putting.  And the price point, while reasonable, didn't sway me.  I'm still going to try the masks and would like to find someone in my area who uses them and have a treatment.   If I like them, I'll incorporate them into my business but probably will not retail the full line.

There are lots of product lines that don't require a minimum--they just give incentives for larger orders. 

Yes!!! I have been using the product for 1 year now and I love it, my clients love it too! I think that this company knows what they are doing when they put these products together. I especially love when they have season specials like the clove peel etc. Their prices are very reasonable too. I love how they add a lot of extra ingredients in thier products like 2% retinol and glycolic acid, etc. They have great customer service. Go for it, it's so worth your money. I hope this was helpful. They have a page on facebook too.


I just started using Skin Script myself.  I love the simplicity, effectivenss, and efficiency of it.  I love the enzymes with the ultrasonic spatula (Shelley Hancock sells them for $199 on her website)  The price point is good also.  I hope they continue to sell only to Estys and not sell out like Dermalogica (sorry but you can buy it at Walmart online now)  Lisa VanBokern(sp?) is really nice and an Esty as well.  It is a well thought out product line using the latest ingredients.  I also hope they continue with more innovative products! Good luck! Owner of Faithful Skin

Before you sell out Dermalogica, that info isn't true.  When researched further, it is an UNAUTHORIZED online reselling of the product line.  We asked them directly and they do not sell to Sears or Walmart. 

I apply the enzyme, massage with fingertips and remove with ultrasound spatula.  Keep the enzyme wet though!!  If your client tolerates steam that will work well too.  Enzymes need moisture or they get tacky on the skin.  The results are really nice!

When I use coconut/papaya enzyme on a client their face gets really red.  I leave it on for about 7 mins. on clients.  It seems to go away by the time they are done with treatment but it stays for a while.  Sometimes I still see some areas slightly pink...is that normal?  I have only used skinscript for few weeks. 

I haven't had that problem. Possibly the bromelain (papaya) is causing the reactions. A little redness is fine. Blood flow to the skin stimulates everything! As long as its not there too long.. Like people with rosacea. I heard a great webinar and they suggested pressing the clients skin and if the redness disappeared quickly their skin was not likely sensitized. If the redness remained their skin is sensitized. Maybe a rasp/peach enzyme would be better until her lipid barrier strengthens.

Oh, thank you so much for your comment.  Much appreciated!

I ve been using skin script's for over a year and this is normal with some clients.  I ve only had it happen with clients with more sensitive skin.   Redness is normal with all of the enzymes and some may leave and still have pink skin.  All of my clients are fine with it as long as I explain it to them.  The skin getting pink is one thing I had to get used to the first time I used the lemon zest I kinda freaked out as my clients skin turned pretty red and I was  not used to this but as you use them you'll get more comfortable.   

I have a few clients get red with the coconut enzyme as well.  Just let them know if they experience any discomfort with the tingling then to let you know.  Probably more of a dermal warming than a burning sensation...which then stimulates collagen production,.

Love, Love, Love Skin Scripts! A company with true integrity that cares about us.


Lara...thanks a bunch for the comment on my ultrasonic spatula!!!


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