I just met with 2 Arbonne reps today that introduced me to the line.  Now I know this is a MLM and usually I wouldn't think twice but I liked the variety of products they offer, not necessarily just skin care. 

Has or is anyone using this line in their spa? 

What are your thoughts as seasoned Estheticians to a newbie Esthetician? 

If you are using the line what do you like or dislike? 

Any feedback would be great!

I am currently using Glotherapeutics and am not 100% happy so I am slowly transitioning to another line.  I am definitely already going to pick up some of the skin scripts line but was curious if anyone had thoughts or success stories or horror stories with the line.

Thanks for your imput!

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I'm hoping the first day is Do It My Way but not sure, just know anything she has to say will benefit me. Totally agree with your last statement. have been using the Ceripil and Satin Smooth-gradually going to all berodin's blue and ease. I really admired her for telling me not to throw away my wax just mix it, so I'm mixing in a small amount, so I don't feel so wasteful, I really like it.


OOPS well I just tossed most of my strip wax :).  Oh well.  I got my wax pots cleaned out and the new stuff put in so I am looking forward to playing tomorrow.  :)

I would suggest you stick with professional, available to the trade only product lines. They have Back Bar available and retail for your clients. Your clients can obtain Arbonne home care easily without purchasing from you. Additionally, the actives in this product are not impressive or in high enough concentrations. I'd pass on it.

Totally agree and was kinda suprised to see a few MLM's at this recent Premiere show that I went to, Rodan and Fields and It works wraps. 

I told the rep that I didn't love the line (so I could put it nicely) and that I needed something that allowed me to customize more for my clients and I need the ability to have peels like glycolic and salicylic.  Well the rep emailed me and was like well I looked and these acids are in the products and while I didn't want to put down the product I nicely said that I needed higher percentages of active ingredients and when they are listed over half way down to the bottom then there is less than 1%.  Hopefully this wasn't a rude way of putting it. 

I will probably stick with some glo since I have so much and then bring in the skin scripts enzymes and I may look at some Circadia product as well. 

Sheila:  Have you thought about going private label?  The pictures of your room and the name of your business look so chic.....and by adding a sense of exclusiveness with PL, you could cherry pick from different companies and design your own line.  Investment is much less, for sure.  Takes awhile to build a philosophy, but worth it.  I have been PL for 7 years and love it.



Oh, as far as Arbonne.........they search out cosmetology and esthetic schools, in addition to newly opened businesses.  It's what they do.  They are a Vitamin C based line, strengths not at what we are accustomed to.  It would be considered an OTC line in our professional realm, and since you've been trained and licensed, it's better to go (and stay) pro.

Awesome advice on PL and thank you for the compliment!  It is something I have thought about for future and when I am more knowledgeable I guess.  The rep is very aggressive and won't stop talking about Arbonne and residual income.  When I said I wasn't in love with the products she text me and told me she was disappointed I hardly tried them, really!!  I said well I researched the ingredients and found it wasn't what I was looking for in my treatment room so I didn't want to waste her products and emphasized that I needed more active ingredients to be at the top of the list and not the bottom.  In nicer way than saying, look I could buy this at the mall type thing, and she said that I had to feel the products on the skin to know how those particular ingredients work.  I want to say, Im sorry what Esthetic program did you go through and was it 6 months- a year long??  LOL She also tried to tell me at one point that with their products you can help hormonal acne...I thought..hhmm really I thought you had to get the hormones under control.  That's what bothers me about non Estheticians selling skin care.  (sorry to go off on a tangent :))...  thank you for the advice though, I really appreciate it!!

It can be frustrating, for sure, but it's how they were taught to sell their Arbonne products.  I was introduced to Arbonne a couple years ago, and went ahead and tried it for my own use.  It's not a bad line, and not quite OTC, but it definitely does not have spa professional level concentrations of key ingredients.  

Never would use in spa setting.  better off with bioelements and offer medical line.


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