I just met with 2 Arbonne reps today that introduced me to the line.  Now I know this is a MLM and usually I wouldn't think twice but I liked the variety of products they offer, not necessarily just skin care. 

Has or is anyone using this line in their spa? 

What are your thoughts as seasoned Estheticians to a newbie Esthetician? 

If you are using the line what do you like or dislike? 

Any feedback would be great!

I am currently using Glotherapeutics and am not 100% happy so I am slowly transitioning to another line.  I am definitely already going to pick up some of the skin scripts line but was curious if anyone had thoughts or success stories or horror stories with the line.

Thanks for your imput!

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Every single one of the clients that came to me for a facial that were using arbonne had really bad skin.

So from my experience I can only assume that they are not good products.

Since it is not a professional line there is no backbar for your to use for facials.

IMO - any mlm line would be a bad choice for a professional esthetician.

I agree with Cindy. I do know the line (Arbonne) I even used it myself years ago before I became an esty. My friend who is a rep tried desperately to get to sell it and I refused for a number of reasons. First, I don't like 'one size fits all' not everyone has the same skin type, therefore the products will be useless. Second, no back bar and third you want to use something that your clients can't easily obtain off the internet or through others that are NOT professionals. Personally I backbar and retail JanMarini. I absolutely LOVE this line. No minimums, but more importantly it WORKS! Everyone I know that uses it has gorgeous skin...check it out! :)

Hi Sheila,

I'm not a "seasoned" esthy, just three years young but I have tried several different lines throughout the years.

While in school I tried Glotherapeutics and found this line totally ineffective.  In my 20's I used Jan Marini and I think personally it was too strong for my then sensitive skin.  I do like their tinted sunscreen.

I agree with the other comments-stay away from MLM products.. with all the medical grade products out there why even consider it?  I too have several clients with bad skin and low and behold they either use Arbonne or Mary Kay. 

I've been using PCA for peels and back bar and love this line for all grades of acne and pigment issues.  I also use Skin Scripts RX .  This line is excellent and very versatile. Their masks are great, enzymes are awesome under steam and you can add a small amount of the peel products like 30% Lactic Peel to the enzymes for more punch.  Skin Scripts has very reasonable prices.  I've just started using the Green Tea Cleanser and the %15 Vitamin C Serum and Hydrating serum and so far I love the home care.  Their customer service is excellent, no minimums $5 flat fee for shipping and they will send you samples when you place an order.  No horror stories here!

That was pretty much what I was thinking.  I have never been one for MLM companies but of course in slow times and less income you start thinking hhmmm.  I however did my research last night...I looked up all of the actual ingredient decks for each product they left me with and I was actually appalled at the ingredient listings.  All of the good stuff was either half way down or literally at the bottom.  When we educate our clients on how to read an ingredient label, I do not think this would be a good thing.  I thought too if anyone can get these products, why will the come to me to apply the same things.  It would simply be for the pampering. 

@Denise, I actually use the PCA detox pore treatment on most of my clients and the LOVE it!  I have that and the sensi peel.  I was originally going to go with PCA but I started using the products and gave to my mom and boyfriend and none were crazy about the smell (I know the point is no artificial smells) and the textures but I do thing they have some amazing education and products.  Their peels class was awesome!  I love their lip peptide therapy as well so I definitely will keep using some of those products...and I am definitely getting more into the skin scripts. 

Funny thing about the Glo, their shipping is extremely costly, nearly $20 even for 1-2 products and being small, this may be all that I am ordering, and there is a $5 handling fee for all orders under $250....I went on Ebay yesterday and looked at some blush that I need for personal and I can buy it cheaper on Ebay then if I were to order from them direct with my wholesale price.  Go figure!  I do like their makeup and I really do like some of their products but the CS mainly or lack their of has completely turned me off the line. 

Thank you ladies for the feedback.  I really love this forum!  I just graduated in November so I know I have a LONG way to go as far as education goes!  Heading to the Premiere show in Orlando this weekend and I can' twait for all of the classes!! 

Have a great day ladies!


I am a label reader too!

I think that this is a good way to decide which product lines to try out and sample.

The trade shows are wonderful to go to when you are new.  Before I go I make a list of all the classes and demos I will attend and organize my time accordingly. I also check out the websites of ALL the vendors and make a list of the ones I want to talk to and what products I might want to check out.

If there are any vendors that you especially want to spend time with, CALL them before the show and see if you can talk to the rep (probably too late to do that on this one).  I did this last year and ended up getting a nice peel and great tips from the Skin Fitness Therapy rep at the show.

Have a great time this weekend!

Don't forget to eat lunch to keep your strength up...otherwise you might get tired and end up bringing home some things that you shouldn't have!

Thanks for the advice Cindy!!  I definitely agree, they can be overwhelming.  Great idea on calling ahead.  I did get a bit dorky and make a excel spread sheet of the classes I wanted to take and color coded ones that overlapped.  :).  I hate that most I want to take overlap but I will have to decide.  This show is mostly cosmo stuff I think, I haven't been to this one yet, but some skin stuff too.  I am staying all 3 days mainly for classes but I am going to look up all the skin vendors now (my appt cancelled due to bad weather) so I am going to spend that time doing that.  Thanks!!

I looked at the vendor list and saw many skin care companies (LOL - I see that Rodan Fields is there - another mlm company that is relentless in trying to solicit estheticians...sorry this is a pet peeve of mine). Even if you don't get product I am sure the classes will be great. I see Eva's Esthetics is there - Lori Nestore's Brazilian Bikini wax classes are always standing room only!

Okay - you one-upped me!  I didn't do an excel spreadsheet or colorcode it....mmmm maybe this year I'll do that...lol

I saw that they were goin gto be there and I was really suprised that a MLM company would be able to go, and the IT works wraps. 

I am super excited about The wax queen being there!  I definitely have all of her classes on my list as not only is waxing my weakest link, but I HAVE to see her!  She is amazing!!!

I wanted to let you know that I attended all 3 of Lori's classes, Skin Analysis, Brazillian waxing and Do it my way and make money!  I am SO glad I did, she is amazing!  I was planning on only going to the brazillian one.  Truly an inspiration.  I bought her wax starter kit and I am so excited to start using it!

I noticed earlier you made this comment Sheila.    "I went on Ebay yesterday and looked at some blush that I need for personal and I can buy it cheaper on Ebay then if I were to order from them direct with my wholesale price.  Go figure!"    


Just make sure the products are not counterfeit as that is very common on Ebay and Amazon...the packaging can look identical but not as good due to the product/chemicals etc in the blush being counterfeit...  Just an FYI

I really enjoyed the two wax classes in Dallas a few weeks ago, and just today signed up for 2 days here in San Antonio in 3 weeks, with just 8 people attending. I'm super excited.


She is truly inspirational!

I have been using their wax for 2years now and although I still don't do much waxing it is a great product that I am proud to use.

I attended Lori's "Do it my Way" too and found it very enlightening.

Very few people are as generous with their time, ideas, and resources to help you in your business.


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