Hello! Im looking to expand my skincare line into offering back bar products for skincare professionals. The problem is Im not sure how to structure my pricing. Im hoping someone can offer some guidance on how other products that they use and sell are structured. For instance, if you have a 1 oz. product you sell for $34 retail, your paying $17 wholesale, then what are you paying for say 8 oz of back bar product?

Hopefully this makes sense and I really do appreciate the guidance! 

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In my opinion you are looking at this wrong.  Try this:

A skin care line will have retail and back bar and some retail will not have a back bar size but is still used as back bar.  Think in terms of grams or ounces or mL when it comes to product use and measure out and calc the amount and determine the actual cost of the treatment.  Make sense?

To answer you directly:  When I costed my back-bar 16oz products all I did was reduce the price so that the estie would save money and allow them to make more on the services.  See how that works?  There is no real way to do it in my opinion.

There is no money math rule within the industry - there is only can you provide a quality service and purchase the products to do so that you are competitive and you make money.

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science


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