Does anyone do back facial treatments?


If so, what do they consist of and how much do you charge?


I'm thinking of adding these to my menu of services and would like some recommendations.



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I offer but rarely do them, cleanse, scrub, tone, moisturize, massage-50-min $60.00/60 min. 70.00. Acne back facials I do more of, $75 or $50 as an add on. Depends, have done peels or scrubs depending on type of acne. Steaming feels really nice on the back as well. I'm also an MT, I think anything we can add to our list is great. You have all the stuff to do them with, why not!



Thanks for the response! I agree, I have all the things to do them so why not?


I do back facials. Cleanse, exfoliate, enzyme mask (massage) w/steam, extractions if needed, hydrating mask and moisturizer. 50 min. $75

Hi Erica


I do back treatments and have them on my menu as "Back Restoration".  I include a double cleanse with steam that includes a scrub with my Clarisonic and exfoliating gloves. I do extractions if needed, light massage, mask and moisturizer.  I give my clients the gloves.  I live in the bay area in northern CA and charge $95 for 60 min.



What a great idea with the gloves! I know you use PCA Skin, as I do. I was also thinking of adding the smoothing body peel as a back peel treatment. Do you do anything like this currently?

Hi Erica
I do body PCA body peels as well and charge about $150-200. I don't include steam as per PCA protocol or massage. Don't do these too often. My back treatments are very popular especially as gifts for the holidays. I get the exfoliating gloves at for $1.55 each. One thing I forgot to mention is that I give the client a choice of body scrub. I use Emenence (sp) apricot or green apple and Farm House Fresh Bourbon Bubbler. It's a bit sweet smelling and tacky so a little goes a long way!


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