Hey Ladies and Gents,

I am looking into bio elements products. Do any of you use them or have an opinion of them.

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Hi Jamie!

I use bioelements in my practice.  I think they are a good way to go if you love to customize your facials.  They do ask for a minimum order to begin, BUT, if you have a local supply shop that carries them, you can go there and start with any size order you want.  I have a friend that started with buying their 'kit in a box' and has added on from there. I think some of their products are excellent and others are okay.  I don't tend to use them for my 'peels'  I much prefer Skin Scipt for those.  I really like bioelements cleansers, toners (esp the power peptide) and they have a great vitamin c serum and moisterizer for the night that rocks.  Their day moisterizers are very good, too.  If you get the essential oils, you can customize them and my clients love them.  The masks are very good and you cannot go without the softening gel! That product makes extractions so easy. 

When I first started, a year ago this month, I was looking for one company that had it all.  Bioelements fit that.  But now, I realize that there are other lines that offer products with great results.  I am using two lines now.  Skin Script is my acne/peels line and Bioelements is for everything else.  When I begin expanding my services, I'm sure I will venture into other lines.. i.e. spray tanning and wraps. 

I wish you the best!


there's a post on here that Bioelements is showing up in RITE AID.... so it might not be a good choice for retail....

Skin Script is good- and check out Image, too. I am "starting over" with Image....

Yes, the Rite Aid 360 stores are carrying the bioelements line.  I was very unhappy when I became aware of this!  At some point, I will be phasing out bioelements because of this :(


I apologize.... it's the CVS 360 Beauty Stores that are carrying Bioelements.

The local beauty supply store carries Bioelements and Repechage.

I avoid using both of those because the area beauty salons tend to use them...no minimums etc.

I really want to be using products that are a bit more "exclusive".

Not saying it isn't a good line...bioelements training seems to be pretty good...most people using it seem to really like it - I think their pricing is a little high though. 

 I am much happier with the quality and results of the lines I am using now.


what are those, Cindy?

Gina -

I am using Skin Script RX and Hylunia. Both lines are fairly small, easy to learn, lovely to use.


Jamie - I think when you are choosing a line you have to take into account the kind of products you LIKE to use (I like enzymes so the lines I chose are perfect for me), the clientele you have or WANT to have, who else is using it in your area, and the retail pricing.


I don't want a line that is TOO big so Image wouldn't work for me. Although everyone that uses it seems to really like it.

An easy line to get started with, that looked promising, was My Sacred Fig.  Unfortunately I did not sample any of their products so can't comment on the quality or results.  Other lines that I find appealing are Institute D'ermed and Rhonda Allison. I will probably still look into those at some point in the future.  I am a Solo and needed a no minimum supplier.


Thanks for everyones take on bio elements. Cindy what lines do like?


check out www.onlyyourx.com


it's also a custom blend-able product like Bioelemnets with no opening order requirement!


Love their enzyme!!!

I stay away from carrying any line that the local product stores carry.  I like to be exclusive as well.  I love Eminence Organics... I have been working with the line for almost a year.  They come to train 2-3 times a year, they have alot of material and they are always coming out with something new which keeps the esthetician excited as well as the clients.  Most of all these products are mixable which makes customizing very nice.  They also have stimulating masks which I absolutely love...  they heat up and leave you with a nice glow!!

What is the opening order cost for Eminence?

Ok, I just started in a brand new place and they purchased Bioelements. I just did one facial with their products, but it seemed to be good. Lady liked it and i like the texture of the products. according to their protocols you need to use brushes to apply everything (cleansing, exfoliating, mask, oil for massage),  i dont know how it is feeling to the clients, but i heard it is not very pleasant. I guess it just depends. 

Anyway, today the rep came in,  she is not an esthy, and im just curious how you can represent a skincare line not being an esthetician. she told me she is former hairdresser, besided bioelements she does some other stuff (beauty supply store). Or im just mistaken about that?  

The thing i liked is that they have several serums and you can customize pretty much everything with them. She told us to put up to 13 drops of the serums in a mask, massage oil, moisturizer.Sounds very interesting, And also, she mentioned that we can also customize the retail moisturizer just in front of the client, they will love it.  

Question to Rachel, 

Rachel, does it take  time to mix the products? do you mix as you go? when i did my facial, it looked for me it took me forever to get it done. and I just wanted to know if there is any tricks or i just need to get used to all of it. Thank you 


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