Does anyone have a skin tightening body wrap that they recommend I have a client that is interested in this type of treatment so I wanted to look into adding it as a service.

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I really love the Pevonia luma firm body wrap. its a four-step wrap system that you can incorporate with a facial. I don't use their facial products and my account was set up just use their body care line as during that time I was not doing facials but massage and body wraps. I'm not sure if they are still doing this, but Pevonia is really good about working with your budget. They have a pretty hefty minimum opening order, but if you just want to do the body care line I think it's about $700 to get started. My clients are loving this wrap, but it's a skin firming wrap and not a cellulite reduction or slimming treatment.They have a caffeine wrap that's for slimming but I haven't tried that one.

I like Tuel's bodywrap and no minimum.
I go for natural skin products specially for oxygen based one.I use oxygen Body from Karin Herzog products.
See here


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