Even after 15 years of waxing experience I still sometimes create lifting while performing a brazilian. How can I avoid this? Any suggestions on wax products for brazilians?

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yes there is always this risk considering the plethora of medications people are on now.  Any blood thinner, antibiotic, or even time of month can effect this.  Hopefully you are using a HARD wax for brazilians.  The possibility of a lift is still present, however significantly reduced.  I never use anything other than hard for this area, and haven't had any lifting except every now and again on the inner booty area of all places.  luckily the brazilian area is a very moist and protected area, so any lifting here generally heals within a short period of time.  Just fyi i use only berodins blue for brazilians and it performs beautifully.  Hope this helps. 

Actually, I use strip wax for Brazilians and have never had an episode of lifting. I actually use oil before using the wax. Work s like a charm!

I agree. Pre-epilation oil is awesome.

Although recently I had an issue with a VERY pregnant client who wanted to take care of it "before the baby comes". I probably shouldn't have done it but I've done them before with no problem. She was so swollen down there and it was hard to not get the skin real taught. Moral of my story: get the skin really taught!

Hi Samantha,

Which oil do you like to use? Is there a difference in brands?

I'm partial to Perron Rigot Pre-Epilation oil. :)

Hi Amy, Which wax? which oil? and what makes you choose those in particular?

It can be hard to wax a pregnant woman in general. I use satin smooth  everything. I have had some problems with ingrown hairs, so make sure you clean the area well afterwards. I don't think there is much difference in brands. I think you should use what kinds you like. Don't use too much oil though. When I first started using this method my usual waxing clients said it hurt less.

I have a great treatment for those clients who have a harder time controlling ingrowns. There's not that many so I don't recommend this to more than just a few. PCA makes a body lotion called "Body Therapy" that has a 12% lactic acid in it meant for hyperkeratosis pilaris, but I've used it sparingly on ingrowns around the bikini region while advising them to not get too close and it's really helped those few manage most of the ingrowns.

Genius! I was recommending a glycolic body wash but I think that body therapy product may work better. 

I find moisturizing the area is much more affective then drying it out.

Well it would make sense and the pilaris treatment would be best.

I have been using Se-Brazil Seven (soft wax) on my brazilians for over 2 years now.  I have never had any lifting and it gets the hairs!  Using this wax has decreased my waxing time by half.  I always have the client prep their skin with a pre-wax oil then I wax away.  I have had experience using hard wax and have seen lifting with them on the backside area.  Once I started using this soft wax, I was hooked!


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