If you offer Brazilian waxing on your menu can you turn away male clients? I don't want to have issues with discrimination. I'm an independent provider and don't feel safe doing this on men when I'm alone in my space.

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I am a sole practitioner and I also do not offer male Brazilians for this reason. I do offer male back waxing. When I have a new client coming, I always ask the owner of the massage studio in my building to check in with me near that start time. So far no problems, but they are keeping their pants on! She said she has never had a problem , but she is 6 ft tall.  

I offer Brazilians but not for men.  I think there are plenty of us who do.  I explain that because it is a riskier procedure, it requires advanced certification which I do not have.  This is truth-ish...  no, there is not a special state license for it, however our insurance companies do specify that we must be trained on all the services we provide...  and I KNOW my Aveda Institute did not teach me how to do a Manzilian.  It helps having another esthetician or spa to refer them to, and be sure to let them know that you'll happily take care of any other esthetic needs they may have.  As long as they get off the phone happy and feeling like you're looking out for them, you're golden IMO. 

I have been doing brazilian waxing on men (and women) for over 15 years and never have had a problem.  Men tend to be more regular with their touch-ups, purchase anything I tell them is necessary for maintenance (anti-ingrown hair treatments, etc), I charge more for the service on men, and even though there might be the odd perv looking to have a woman handle his genitals, the minute you pull the first strip of hair, any illicit intention they might have goes out the door.  The best way to approach this is in a very professional and clinical manner, and refrain from any personal conversation.  Of course, if you work alone, I would make sure to give the new client the impression that there are other people around, and/or have someone nearby you can get help from (depending on where you work, most places would be within earshot of your screaming if there were ever a problem.)  I would not recommend doing this if you work out of your home.


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