I have a few clients that have broken capillaries in there chin, nose and cheek areas.  Does anyone have some ideas for treatment in those areas to help make the veins not to noticeable? Is the red light therapy good?

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What has helped mine has been LED, retinol, and anti-redness serums.  Also, go easy on the scrubbing and peeling. It's not always inflammation, nor is it always from damage to the skin.  It can be hereditary and blood pressure related as well.

I bought a machine, Skin Classic( lamprobe) for skin irregularities such as Telangectasia  discussed.

I'm interested in the Skin Classic. Do you still love it?

I  have a Skin Classic and absolutely love it.  Be careful with your state regulations (of course).  It has been a wonderful add-on service for many of my clients.

Vitamin C serum works very well on this especially the high strengths like 20% or 15 and above. IPL is about the best treatment for this and might take a few treatments. I find Vitamin C very effective for my clients.

Very interesting conversations here. Circadia Skin Care has a rosacia serum that helps to reduce the dermodex mite which has been considered to perhaps be one of the reasons people may get rosacia . I have used this with much success. I also have a Lamprobe which I use for telangectasia. I agree with the other professionals that factors like diet, caffeine, etc. Can affect the condition.

All very good information and I couldn't agree more. Individual treatment for the client is very important depending on the condition.

Thermolo, Skin Classic, Lam Probe. All use high frequency radio waves to dessicate/thermocoagulate blood in spider veins on the face and body. If you search on youtube you can watch as these machines zap capillaries and they disappear before your eyes. Check you state board to make sure you can use them in your state. Plan on spending around $5k for a new one, which usually includes training.

Along with soothing inflammation and hydrating dehydrated skin, you will want to strengthen the capillaries. Ingredients such as Vitamin K and raspberry are very good for this! 

Yes, the LED therapy works wonders. I use this treatment not only for my clients, but for me also. Depending on the treatment frequency and the quality of light machine you can see results after 2-3 sessions (some even after the first treatment), and at 15 treatments made in rhythm of 2/ week they should be gone. If there is not follow up for maintenance they will come back in 2-3 years. Keep the light as close to the skin as possible without touching it (1/2'')

What color are you using? 

Nicola, I have found working with products that actually strengthen the skin surrounding the areas of concern really helps diminish the appearance of the redness.  I like Redness Relief from MEG21; it has a great silky texture and absorbs easily, especially around the nose where I tend to get oily.  


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