Anyone having issues with the new BT-Micro?  Mine has started to come apart after one month.  Very disappointed.  

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Is the BT-Micro that little handheld skin spatula?  If it is-- I purchased one years ago for $380 and it worked for one or two treatments and then stopped. NEVER worked again.  I pleaded with them to take it back. They had me send it to them to be repaired.  When I got it back, it worked for one day and was junk again.  If I were you, I'd return it and get a skin spatula from a company that will guarantee it will work.  I use BT for my Microcurrent machine but won't get any small gadgets from them.  I got a skin spatula from a nobody company at a fraction of what I paid for the BT micro and it's been working for 5 years.

good to know.  Very disappointing.  I called today and told them about it and they asked for my email and said they would send me a thing to ship it back to them.  Maybe I will just ask for a refund. They didn't send the email like they said they would or they didn't write it down correctly. Frustrating. I paid 250. at the Face and Body show and waited for two months to get it. 

I have had problems with 2 of their machines but they were very nice and sent new ones. Just be very very sure not to use the micro with steam. That will ruin it in a hurry. Their instructions and education are not very thorough or helpful, but I have enjoyed using the machines very much once I figured it out. Oh! And don't drop the probes on the bt nano. I was having so much trouble figuring out the moves that I kept dropping them. That is what I think broke the probes that had to be replaced.

Just wanted to add to this in case anyone else is looking. I have the new model that I received less than a year ago and it is now having problems. It runs for a few seconds and then cuts off on its own. If I try starting again, sometimes it will work for a few, other times it won't. I just sent an email to them, will see what they say.

Did you pay a lot for it?  There are so many of these out there for under $50, I'd never pay $380 again for a device that the company will not take back if doesn't work properly.  

I paid $208 for it (it was $245 but I got a discount). They are sending a replacement since it was still under warranty, so that's a relief.


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