I've been in business for almost 3 years, opened Solo right out of school and having trouble gaining a steady clientele. I have many clients that have come through my doors but many only come once or twice a year and some come for a year then just stop coming no matter how many promotions e-mails/mailers I send. I only have about 8 monthly regulars and everyone else is new clients, some become regulars for 5 or 6 months but then stop coming. Many come once and never come back, even after giving them extra facial time, complimentary up-grades and 20% off first treatment.. I look through all my client consent forms and wonder "where have all these people gone?" or is this normal in this industry since I have nothing to compare it with (never worked at a spa). I barely get any yelp reviews and the spa down the street gets tons.. I even had a facial there, nothing special, no discount or up-grades and everyone raves about them.. I just don't get it.. I'm starting to think as much as I love my job, clients just don't love me. Maybe its my personality, the way I look, talk ect.. not sure.. I sent out a promo the other night to 30 clients and the only response I got was from a lady asking me to remove her from my e-mail list. She had only been in once and guess she wasn't planning on ever returning.. So wondering why, Was it the treatment, me, the space, ect.. So frustrating..Right now I'm only making around $3500 a month.. Trying to stay positive but thinking I should change careers and just work with animals.. they love me.. lol  Any ideas of what I can do to improve my client retention?..

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Do me a favor and go to skincarescience.com and register. DO NOT buy the products but just read the education.

Your income is not bad and you should be proud. With that said what you are experiencing is normal and would you like to know who your biggest competitor is? It is not who you think and I can tell you it is not the spa/salon down the street.

You have two competitors and they are very problematic:

1. Reddit

2. Skin care lines selling direct to your client and or Skin care pros with their own private label lines.

(Amazon is a problem in and of itself - for now do not think about it)

You have to become VERY knowledgable / specific and I hope the education on my site will help give you details that you do not have now.  Whatever skin care lines you are using can be applied to my education documents.  You never have to purchase from me.  Best of luck to you and keep up the hard work.

Marty Glenn



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