Hi all, just joined and wanted to say hello.  Male esthetician here with nearly 20 years experience in healthcare.  Went back to school to pursue Esthetics and love it.  Really just starting out in the field but passionate about it for many years. Have had great experiences thus far and a good amount of repeat clients.  Was wondering what the future might look like for a male esthetician from all you veterans..............Regards, George

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I'm sure you'll be well-received, George.  Word-of-mouth is far more valuable than thousands of dollars in advertising, and you're already seeing repeat clients~ you've hit the ground running!  Welcome to the community of those of us who make the world a more beautiful face!

I agree! Thank you for the kind words of support.  I like your reference to making the world a more beautiful face. Hey, you only get one chance to make a face impression!  ;-)

Welcome to the site George, happy to have you here!

Thanks Abram, were recovering from Hurricane Sandy and today it's a noreaster...............

Awesome George! When I went to esthetics school 14 years ago there was only 1 male entering the program when I graduated. Congrats to you and much success on your journey!

Hi George! I'm a fellow male esthetician located in Chicago. I had a really hard time finding employment after graduating in 2010 so I started my own practice and am now one of the top skin therapists here in the city! Best of luck from one male esty to another! Let me know if  you ever have any questions or just wanna share tips ;)


Hi Adam,

NO WAY.........................

Thank you for the kind words of support, and yes, do tell..........I'm all ears!

Continued success and best wishes.



Hello George! I am a student in NC. I wish you lots of success. We do not at the current time have any male estheticians at our school, but I sure do wish we did. I tell everyone about our wonderful school and the classes even males, hoping that they will take the plunge and become a Male Esthetician.  I like to get the males point of view on treating  male clients. I get to treat one or two at school sometimes if we can get them to come in. But anyway, welcome, and thanks for being apart of our groups here. 

Hi Diane!  Thank you for the warm welcome and the words of support and encouragement.  As expected, the majority of our clients are females, but in a short time, I have been able to have several repeat male clients.  We can empathize with each other on the rigors of shaving, razor bumps and ingrown hairs.....I know there are many male hairdressers and make-up artists but it hasnt caught on yet as much as with esthetics.  Thanks again, George

Hey George!  Nice to see a man on here...   I am from the U.K George and most of my friends that are Estheticians over the pond are all male.   They do exceptionally well in London and various other places around the U.K, especially in waxing services for the male clientele.    I think it is great that you have joined Esthetics and I have seen a growth in this area over the last year in the states and I think it is fab.  I have friends here that are male hairstylists...but trying to get them into Esthetics is like pulling teeth with rusty pliers!  Dale is another male Esthetician friend of mine ( I think he is in this group????)  I think no matter what sex you are, so long as we are professional, we know our stuff and we educate our clients it doesn't really matter .... What you might have issues with is working in a predominantly female environment (unless you choose to work solo) as "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus" and  some environments can be feistier and unnecesarily drama related more than others!!  :)   Get what I am saying!?   lol.     Other than that....go knock their socks off George and enjoy!! :)   I love my male Esthetician friends back home .... we learn so much from each other and that's what I love about this industry...sharing.

WOW Claire!  Thank you very much for the kind words of support and encouragement!  Sounds like I may have to relocate across the pond to make a living... ;-)~  I do love the art and science of skin care and both the immediate and cumulative results.  I think it's going to catch on!

Regards, George

Hello George,

I'm a sole practioner in the Silicon Valley (No. CA)..I too have a backround in healthcare and dermatology so the transition into esthetics was easy for me.  I am SO happy to see that men are getting on board with skin care!!  The field of estheticians seems to be prodominately female oriented but I believe that you are one of the "pioneers" so to speak, and that men will benefit greatly from your involvement in the field.  Both as clients and future estheticians.!! 

I do have many male clients some very young being treated for acne and some much older.  Many are "sent" to me by their wives or partners.  They end up coming back almost as much as their partners!


Stay positive, continue your education and share your knowledge with your clients!! They will continue to follow you!  If you don't have one already, set up a nice website.  I've received lots of new clients that do web searches in my area.

Take care





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