Hi all, just joined and wanted to say hello.  Male esthetician here with nearly 20 years experience in healthcare.  Went back to school to pursue Esthetics and love it.  Really just starting out in the field but passionate about it for many years. Have had great experiences thus far and a good amount of repeat clients.  Was wondering what the future might look like for a male esthetician from all you veterans..............Regards, George

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WOW Denise, what a great website!  Thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement.  Yes, I have experienced a mom who referred her daughter who referred her brother.  Now the whole family are regulars!  If that isn't testimony to word of mouth...... 

I will take your advice and begin creating a website.


Many thanks,


Hi George-Welcome! Denise does have a great website, you should do really well too. It is hard to have skin care pay the bills when you are a solo practitioner but there is a lot of opportunity if you are well educated and motivated. There are a lot of business resources out there and ASCP has quite a few tools for our members too. Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Hi George,

Welcome to the skincare industry! I've been doing skin for 12 years now. I started out as LIcensed Massage Therapist and added my Aesthetic licensure back in '99. This profession has been very good to me! Never a dull moment! My specilaity is a combination 90 minute massage and facial treatment. I've blended my background in education with the skincare world and have been a Licensed Instructor and now Director of Education for Skin Script Skin Care based in Tempe, AZ. As you know, there are many avenues for success within this industry. My recommendation...read, read, read! Participate in advanced education in your area. That's what drives great skincare. Passion and education!  Good luck to you!

Hi Dave,

Thank you for the kind words of encouragement!  Sounds like your career has been very rewarding to you.  Honestly, I dont see doing just skin care as paying the bills.  I will need to ramp up quickly......

Thanks again for the helpful tips!



Good luck with you new business. I wish you all the success in this world.

Thank you Lucie, do you think I should gey a New york license?? Happy Thanksgiving!



great. i am new here. and would like to use this platform to enhance my skin care

I'm currently looking into the programs offered by Marinello. Maybe you could pick a specialty? Picking a specialty may open up more avenues that you can explore. 


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