Causes Of Oily Skin and 6 Caring Tips for Oily Skin In Summer

As winter bids a goodbye, summers warm breezes start blowing. All get ready to enjoy parks and beaches. However those who are blessed with oily skin start using oily sheets, cleansers, suntan removers, and cooling gels to keep their sebaceous glands cool and calm.

Reasons of Excessive oily skin

Individual with oily skin enjoy young looking skin for long as compared to others who faces problems like aging, wrinkles, age spots and fine line quite earlier in their life. However several disadvantages of oily skin are meltdown makeup, unnecessary shine, and sudden breakout of acne and pimples. The reasons behind oily skin are;

Seasonal Changes

Seasonal changes like humid and hot weather increases oil production. Similarly cold and dry weather also increases oil production to compensate dehydration.

Changes in Hormones

Imbalances in hormones because of pregnancy, puberty and pre-menopause trigger sebaceous glands and production of oil in females.


Oil in skin can be a side effect of medications such as birth control pills or hormone replacement medicines.


There is a long list of negative side effects or stress on both mental and physical health. It affects skin also as a response of chronic stress by producing androgen hormones.

6 Points to Care Oily Skin

1.    Use lukewarm water to cleanse the skin, because it dissolves oil effectively and wash away impurities and dirt deposited on skin as well as unclog skin pores.

2.    For women with oily skin it is important to cleanse the skin twice a day. Do not overdo cleansing because it can over dry skin to trigger more sebaceous glands and oil production.

3.    Use gel base cleansing creams that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid and citric acid to help reduce dead skin cells which clogs the skin pores and increase pimples.
4.    Avoid too much scrubbing. Exfoliating skin twice or thrice a week is enough for removing blackheads and dead cells. Skin produces natural oils to reserve moisture, fight irritations and keep it hydrated. Over scrubbing strips moisture and natural oils and make skin dry.

5.    Periodic application of face masks help to soak excess skin oil and removes harmful bacteria. So use a soothing mask containing sandalwood or mud once a week to remove impurities, soak up excess oil and for cooling effect on skin and also effect on cellulite you can use Truth about cellulite program by Joey Atlas.

6.    In summer, avoid too much makeup, substitute heavy foundation with moisturizing tinted creams with silicone that doesn’t dissolve in pores and clog. By this you can also create barrier between heat and skin.

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