I am looking for suggestions on a chemical peel lines that deliver great results. Used PCA but they are limited.

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Wow, I think PCA has a lot of variety!

Doesn't meet my needs, but MOST people love them.

What are you looking for in your peels?

What is your main skin care line and what don't you like about their peels?

btw - there is no magic with any line, a lot of getting great results is your experience in getting the most out of your products. If your skincare vendor has an educator you can contact them for extra help.

I love PCA skin and the best part about them that you can use their peels with different modalities.

I do have a question about using PCAskin peels with dermafile. I called the company but they haven't heard of dermafile. what do you think Cindy?



I'm so glad I found your reply, I just purchased the Dermafiles and got them today and use the PCA line.  I too was going to call them and ask about combining with treatment masks and peels.  Never heard of them though huh?  Hmmmm.....


If I can ask, what different modalities do you use the peels with and have you ever used a treatment mask and peel in the same facial treatment.  One of the CS reps had mentioned that after a year with PCA you can take the "Advanced Peel" class which teaches how to do this. 




I'm using cosmedix and I love it but the cost is killing me. My clients want the results without the price tag.

PCA doesn't carry any Glycolic or Lactic. I have taken extensive training on PCA chemical peels and was looking for a line that is for fine lines and wrinkles (anti-aging) that gives better results in this area.

You may want to look at Dermodality by h2t. I love the h2t pumpkin peels and want to bathe in them, but their Dermodality line is straight forward and they have amazing customer service and super fast shipping. Faster shipping than PCA Skin! I adore PCA, but I swear they take forever. h2t also offers a lot of classes. http://www.h2tspa.com/dermodality/dermodality-products.html

You should look into Glymed, they have a great peel line: glycolic, enzymes, lactic and TCA. I have been using it for over a year and I love it.

Thanks Corine, I'll look into it.

I love Rhonda Allison!

Thanks Shelece......

How about Image? I love there's peels and they have a very big range!

I like Cosmedix, the Purity works great and the Timeless is awesome.  Bioelements has come out with a Lactic acid peel that can be mixed at various strengths.  I am seeing pretty good results with it.  I have used PCA and also like it.  Results take time with all of them.


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