I am looking for suggestions on a chemical peel lines that deliver great results. Used PCA but they are limited.

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This reply of yours hit it right on the head..without me having to type it!! Once you have complete confidence in what the peels achieve, the world is your oyster. I also like PCA peels..very interchangeable with the active pre-treatments as well. I am like a witch doctor the way I mix and create different combinations to address different skin issues. Their clarifying 20% mask is a real goodie for acne!

Carol, do you know of any peels that can be layered to get sheeting like you do with cosmedix timeless peel? I keep thinking there has to be another way I'm just not familiar.

Jessners or 10% TCA or 20%-30% Salicylic can give heavy flaking or sheeting, depending on how many layers you do, how you prep the skin first, and how the client is prepping with homecare. If you have them using a retinoid, and alpha hydroxy (and a melanin suppresser depending on their Fitzpatrick type) at least 2 weeks before the procedure, you'll get a better peel outcome. Also if you layer a strong retinol at the end of the peel layers that will give increased exfoliation & cell turnover. Remember though, how much flaking/sheeting you get is not the goal. The goal is skin improvement. You may get better results doing a number of low dose peels than 1 big one. Also less risk of complications, less social downtime, and less handholding. Just depends on your client's skin, the results you are seeking, how much experience you have, so many factors come into play.

Thanks that's great advice. What product do you generally use to prep clients before a peel?

You may want to look at Dermodality by h2t. I love the h2t pumpkin peels and want to bathe in them, but their Dermodality line is straight forward and they have amazing customer service and super fast shipping. Faster shipping that PCA Skin lol! http://www.h2tspa.com/dermodality/dermodality-products.html

Stacy, I took a look at their website. Have you ever tried the "Long Island Iced Tea" peel? Sounded kind of interesting. I plan to check them out at the Miami show this weekend

Yes, I use it after the pumpkin peel almost every time. Of course pregnant and lactating clients are contraindicated. It will give a really nice glow and hardly much peeling from the retinol, but really helps lift pigment. It is similar to PCA Skin's Ultra peel II. PCA's is twice as expensive, but chiraly pure. 

I really like PCA. They have very effective products, the treatments can be changed to each clients, great training, and customer service.

dermaware rocks!!!

I love Rhonda Allison for peels. They have almost everything you could want, and excellent protocols and training. I also use Puramed peels for simple/straightforward single-acid peels. They have lactic & glycolic in several strengths. I also have peels from Sesderma, which are fantastic and unique, but the company doesn't really do training.

Love GLYMED PLUS!  Wide range of peels from enzymes to TCA.  The education you receive is amazing.  Plus you can cocktail to customize peels specific to your clients needs.  


Could you please be more specific and maybe I can help.

What strengths?  AHA or BHA or TCA or Jessner or Lactic Acid

What is your experience level?

What is the experience level of your clients?

Marty Glenn



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