I am seeing a lot of clients that swear by the clarisonic and use it daily.  I am looking for professional reviews and advice about the device.  My main questions are:

1. Is it as wonderful as they claim? Why?

2. Does it exfoliate the skin and if so, how can it be used daily?  

3. Are their specific skin types or conditions it should/should not be used on?

I appreciate any and all responses!!

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I have a few clients that have used the clarisonic, but it didn't take long before it ended up under the bathroom counter with all the old bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  The "sonic" action sends vibrations to help loosen debris and dead skin cells in the pores and on surface of the skin.  Just like the sonicare toothbrushes and ultrasonic teeth cleaning at the dentist.  It does work great, but my in my opinion it is an expensive "gadget".  For exfoliating I send my clients home with a product called a SpaCell Facial Sponge.  They are made by Supracor in San Jose, Ca.  The facial sized one is about $12 retail.  I sell these to almost every clients and they all love it.  It is a great alternative to a wash cloth and doesn't harbor bacteria so it can be kept in the shower until your ready to use it.   You should check them out (www.supracor.com) because they are a great inexpensive way to boost your retail along with providing clients with a great exfoliating product.  Hope that helps!

I use one personally, not in practice and I really love it.  My face feels extremely clean after I use it and I feel that I am getting better penetration out of my serums because the makeup is all gone along with the dirt and oil.  I wish it did a better job of clearing out my pores on my nose, it doesn't seem to clear them all.  I definitely think it's an expensive gadget too, but the whole discounts are pretty decent.  They used to be a lot better, but regardless you aren't paying over $100 for one.  I have purchased them for most of my friends/family, including my boyfriend and he would kill me to say but he loves it and uses it every day.  Says, yeah, makes my face feel clean...typical guy.  I am thinking about incorporating it in my facial routine as well because I am about over using scrubs, they are too messy and I dont like that I feel like I always have a grit or two left over when I am trying to do my massage.  Now, the opal on the other hand...I am not sold on that.  Mine is definitely collecting dust, but I just realized maybe I could use it in the treatment room instead, I think i don't use it mostly out of laziness and I am not sure I believe it's all that it's cracked up to be, but I think clients will feel like they are getting more for their $. 


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