I have a young client 30, but seems younger..anyway

She has been coming in for a series of peels she has acne and scarring.

I started her out with a blueberry enzyme peel. she couldn't come in for 2 weeks and her face was all broken out. She said she never had acne on her forehead etc..now she has a lot of pustules and scabs. She is not picking she says and has a lot of the home products..

She came in on Monday I did a lactic peel and a hydrating mask since her skin seemed dehydrated. 

Home products

green tea


retinol scrub

glycolic pad

light aloe moisturizer

( I told her she needed the hydrating toner and ageless serum, but she didn't think she did)

She left the retinol scrub on all night on fresh breakouts I told her the product is to strong for that, but again she didn't think it mattered.

She is using baby wipes with cleanser I told her she can't be using those as they can cause irritation, breakout etc...she is listening to this  I think:)

What else can/should I do? I know she needs more hydration, but she doesn't see the need for it even though I tried to explain why she needs moisture etc..

Thank you

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To be honest, baby wipes are not the end of the world.  Most just contain water, propylene glycol, and maybe some aloe.  The problem is when they are being used INSTEAD of a corrective cleanser.  Obviously (to us), they are no substitute.  I have been known to use them once in a while at the beach or out on a canoe trip, to freshen up my skin for a fresh sunscreen application, especially if I have dirt or sand on my skin.  But that is NOTHING like using them on the regular in place of proper cleansing, which is usually what these folks are doing.  

Often times I have seen dehydrated/sensitized clients who don't believe they are in need of hydration, but showing them their skin under the wood's lamp helps verify those pinky/orange areas where their skin is compromised.  If you have one, I'd definitely use it for this purpose.

As for the retinol, SS's retinol scrub is not a leave-on product, and she should know that.  In general with retinols, there is a 2-3 week "retnoid dermatitis" where the client may experience dryness, sensitization, breakouts, redness, and other issues.  This should be discussed ahead of introducing the RA so that they will be prepared for it, and be prepared to keep on schedule (you determine the schedule, of course) despite the side effects.  

Also, the light aloe is quite light...  depending on what you see under the wood's lamp, you might also consider the Ageless serum or moisturizer to offset the period of retinoid dermatitis.  And have you considered the cucumber hydrating toner?  That is such an easy sell and people do love to use it, especially if you incorporate it into your facial massage.

Thank you for the reply. Appreciate it!

I told her it was not  a leave on product, so hopefully she will start listening a little better.. I've noticed younger clients don't listen as well as old more mature clients. It can be frustrating at times!

She actually purchased the toner then exchanged it for the glycol pads. I told her you really need this etc...but...

I gave her a sample of the ageless to try and I told her about the ageless serum..I'm hoping this next week she will listen a little better..I'm not sure if I could be explaining things a little better?

Thank you for pointing out the retinol dermatitis

Thank you again

Hi Tracy, I want to help with the sale portion of the situation because I know the non-compliance is frustrating for you and may I be the right person to help since I have a much older version of your client.
Pay attention to the way in which you speak to this client from now on, make sure your tone and inflections are very direct and to the point.
We estheticians are nurturing for the most part, but there has to be a balance between passive and aggressive when it comes to selling.
I don't know how you approached the sale, but if it was anything like, " You may want to get... or I think...", this personality type will not budge.
However, if the approach was closer to, " I am putting you on...so that my treatments give you better results", this may be excepted a little better to a client that truly believes they already know more than the professional.

You nailed it:) That is how I say it...how funny!

Thank you.........


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