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What is the best treatment for clogged pores on the nose area?  It is such a sensitive area to extract and we know the pores will fill back up in no time so what is the best way to get these cleaned out?  I had a client with some pretty deep black heads on the nose, and her nose is very sensitive and she doesn't like extractions.  Here is what I would typically do but let me know if there are any other thoughts.  Thanks everyone for your imput!

Cleanse, PCA detox treatment under steam, second cleanse with clarisonic, enzyme mask, then when I go to do extractions I will use some sort of pore suction like the panasonic pore sucker (although mine is broken).  I tried to use the suction on my facial machine but I don't like how you have to cover your finger over the whole and I am just not getting good results from it.  Any other ideas?

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I like PCA detox but try a stronger enzyme from a great company called Skin Script. they have amazing enzymes that are slightly stronger than PCA. You can even use a lil salicylic acid to boost the enzyme. Something like 2% cocktailed with the enzyme. The enzyme will break down the desmosomes while the salicylic will break down the blackheads, and because it's only 2% there won't be any downtime. That way you "touch " the skin a little as possible so as to decrease chance of a reaction since she is sensitive. I would proceed with the mask and serums. Hope this works :)

I have been using the Skin Scripts enzymes :).  Which is your favorite for this?  Do you use them after the detox treatment with steam or use an enzyme then detox?  I love the idea about using a little salicylic in the enzyme.  While I like the salicylic peel it burns like heck and I always fear using it on my clients. 

I would use it instead of Detox. Salicylic can burn but at that small percentage it really shouldn't. Besides I find that the enzyme buffs the sensation salicylic can produce. I love the coconut/papaya, it's def more gentle then the others, but you can do their pomogrante enzyme. That has Lactic, 2% salicylic and Aubtin. That one can have a stinging feeling, but the results are amazing.

love the pomegranate!  I have had great results on my own breakouts with it!  Thanks for all of the advice Michell!!

Can you tell me what type of Sal X product do you add to the enzyme. I have Image 2 % Sal X cleanser and Image Sal x peel?

Hi Sheila & Michell,

I have this challenge with many of my clients.  Here's what I do:

I take a good look at the skin prior to treatment to determine how much steam I can use based on my clients sensitivity.  Softening the skin in this area can be challenging but necessary for safe extractions.

1. Cleanse with either PCA BPO 5% or Skin Scripts Green Tea Antioxidant Cleanser with Clarisonic (under steam if client is not too sensitive)

2. Second cleanse with the same cleanser and an exfoliant like Skin Scripts Retinol 2% scrub (safe for all skin types) still steaming!

3. I use either PCA Detox Gel Treatment or Skin Scripts Enzyme ( Coconut/Papaya, Blue Berry or Pomegranate).  It is not safe to use both during the same treatment, again still steaming

4. I use Bio Elements Softening Gel as soon as I remove the enzyme. I apply the gel to the hard to extract areas first then start working on the chin first working my way up the face. This usually does the job and softens the skin nicely. If the blackheads are still impacted I ask the client to steam themselves at home 5 days before coming in for their next facial. The only tools I use to extract blackheads is an extractor and my fingers wrapped in esty wipes.

This is very common in my practice with very young clients that have never had facials before.  I go slow so that I don't scare them away from treatments.  They know that when they return if they've done what they were  told I will be able to extract them. 

Love it! Gonna try it soon on my clients

Ok so this may sound dumb (I am a newer Esty) and we were always taught to cleanse with a all skin type cleanser, do skin analysis to see what other products to use, then while the client is steaming, grab rest of products for the treatment.  So you analyze first then grab products?  I knwo there isn't a right or wrong but I am always looking for new ways (more effective I should say).  Also, you initially use the clarisonic in the first cleanse and then use a scrub then enzyme?  I guess that would be the same if I used the clarisonic, then enzyme, then a light peel or micro right?  I am sometimes skeptical, especially if I haven't seen the client first. 

On a side note, do you almost always incorporate an enzyme into your facials or do you charge extra?  Just curious. 

This is great advice and I will be tweaking some things.  I have primarily glo in my backbar but I use the pca detox and the skin scripts enzymes.  I am finding that the coconut is leaving my clients really red so I tend to gravitate towards raspberry peach. 

As far as choosing a cleanser, when I do a consultation before I start, I always ask how does their skin feel in the middle of the day and the end. If they express they are oily I usually determine to use a cleanser for oily skin. If they say they are always dry, I choose for dry skin etc. Sometimes I like to do an initial look over as we talk, just to see if I see their pore size and go from there. The first cleanse is for skin type ( and for removing makeup and dirt), the second for skin condition ( i.e acne, anti-aging..), once any makeup and dirt is removed through initial cleanse, second cleanse ingredients have a better chance of penetrating, making it more effective.


There are no dumb questions here!  

I customize my facials so I use a cleanser that I think would benefit the clients skin: creamy for dry skin, BPO for grade III & IV acne, Lactic or glycolic based for grades I&II acne or the green tea antioxidant for everyone else.  Yes, I analyze the skin before I do anything.  If it's a female client and she's wearing makeup I want to see how her skin looks with makeup meaning is it dry, oily etc...If she doesn't wear makeup or it's a male client, I want to see how oily or dry the skin may be.  I want to see how the skin looks "unclean".  I always ask " do you wake up oily, dry?" If they respond that they wake up oily I ask " are you oily mid day?"

The pre-treatment analysis gives me a better idea as to which cleanser and enzyme to use.  After I cleanse twice using the method I described previously, I choose the enzyme.  I then analyze the skin a second time after I remove the enzyme and before extractions-I have lots of acne clients so extractions are included in all my facials.  Another cleanse that I do is right after extractions for my clients that have acne, I do a BPO 5 % cleanse and leave the cleanser on their face for about 1-3 minutes to let it absorb into the pores.  I also do high frequency on dry skin at the end of the facial prior to applying treatment serums, moisturizer and sunscreen.

If the client has sensitive skin I don't use the Clarisonic when using the Retinol scrub, just my hands and the scrub.

I don't charge extra for using an enzyme, I see it as an essential part of a good exfoliation in addition to using the Clarisonic.  Many clients have never used a facial brush so doing to much exfoliation like Clarisionic, enzyme, peel & micro would be way too much exfoliation in one treatment.  I  never combine a peel with a facial.  I use PCA peels exclusively and steaming/extractions are not part of the protocol.   I do however incorporate the Dermafile for some clients with more resilient skin (before applying the peel product) or with a facial- after I remove the enzyme.  There are so many variables with these treatments.

The Skin Scripts Coconut/Papaya Enzyme has no acids in it so I'm surprised that your clients get really red..... on second thought maybe it's because you are doing enzyme, peel, clarisonic & micro??? The raspberry peach has acids and is more powerful according to Lisa from S.S

Hope this helps!

this is great!  I usually use the cocount enzyme after the clarisonic cleansing so I am not sure what is going on.  It's crazy. 

I am definitely going to implement this info with my clients.  I always thought it would be better to analyze with the makeup on because after I cleanse it always seems to be one way, although I can see pore size and such. 

Most of my facials are clarisonic and enzyme, then clients that come in for Micro or a peel I will do those too depending on their skin.  Sometimes I will skip the enzyme or the clarisonic if I see they are very sensitive. 

I definitely need to listen in to Lisa's webinar on her products, because I want to incorporate more.  Do you use her whole line except peels and PCA for peels?  I will have to look into that bioelements softening gel too. 

Thanks again for the advice!  This is great!

I have the same experience with the Coconut/Papaya - we must just be "lucky" with those sensitive clients ;)

I just got the Raspberry/Peach and am loving it. For my rosacea girls I don't use steam.

With the Skin Script philosophy you dont do an enzyme AND a peel...you would either do just the enzyme for first timers, for people whose skin you KNOW you would either boost your enzyme with a pump of a peel, or do your peel alone with a glycolic cleanser prep. If I am going to do a peel, a Radiancy treatment, or an Oxygen treatment I don't use any steam prior.

With a microdermabrasion I like to do a light glycolic peel first, not enzymes.


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