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What is the best treatment for clogged pores on the nose area?  It is such a sensitive area to extract and we know the pores will fill back up in no time so what is the best way to get these cleaned out?  I had a client with some pretty deep black heads on the nose, and her nose is very sensitive and she doesn't like extractions.  Here is what I would typically do but let me know if there are any other thoughts.  Thanks everyone for your imput!

Cleanse, PCA detox treatment under steam, second cleanse with clarisonic, enzyme mask, then when I go to do extractions I will use some sort of pore suction like the panasonic pore sucker (although mine is broken).  I tried to use the suction on my facial machine but I don't like how you have to cover your finger over the whole and I am just not getting good results from it.  Any other ideas?

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Here is some information written by Laura Cooksey of Face Reality about sebaceous filaments on the nose...

a good read...


Thanks Cindy, I remember reading this.  I usually explain to the client that it's normal and they will always be there but when I use the detox treatment with steam it really cleans out those sebaceous filaments and the clients are so excited.   Great article!

Do all those fabulous things you are talking about plus.....use an ultrasonic spatula. The vibrations work deep in the skin to loosen up the goobies (technical talk!) and before you know it...it starts popping out. Even if it doesn't come out during the use of the spatula, when you go to do manual extractions, it has loosened it up enough for them to come out easliy....your clients will really appreciate you for this, it feels much better!

Great idea, I do have one but it is part of my Microderm machine, and I don't think it is very good.  I haven't tried it out yet but maybe will have a family member as a guinea pig :).  At what point would you use this?  Over the enzyme?

You can mix it up....take your cleanser off with it, a scrub or an enyzme.

A tool you might want to consider, especially for acne, is a bt micro.  Sometimes for acne our product line isnt enough to unclog those pores. This is the best purchase for acne I've ever made. Its a small hand-held tool. You can go on youtube and I believe they have a demonstration for it.

Hi Sheila!

I took a skinsripts class today and Lisa recommended cleansing with glycolic and then using the retinol scrub under steam and then layering the blueberry mask.  Everyone said the blackheads just come right out.  I ve also done microderm after using the lemon enzyme and I ve had some just suck right up!  Hope this helps!

Great!  I really want to take one of her classes, at least webinar or something.  I also really need to get more of her products in my backbar and for retail.  Just waiting for some income before I start adding things. 

Can you tell me what sal x product you use for cocktails get with the enzyme? I have 2% sal x cleanser and a Salx peel?

Hi Sheila,

You should take a look at my line Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care.

We have a product that works extremely well on those stubborn black heads called Purifying Oxygen Lotion. This product gently exfoliates, detoxifies, and removes impurities, leaving skin smooth and bright.

It may be used as a home care treatment product or during treatment as an exfoliator/decongestant. You may also use Purifying Oxygen with the Ultrasonic Spatula for extractions. You simply leave the product on the skin for 10 to 15 minutes (no steam) and then remove it with the spatula.

I have several treatment protocols that will help make extractions much more rewarding.  Please feel free to contact me michele@michelecorley.com and I will be glad to send you the protocols.

You can also find a wealth of information on my website, www.MicheleCorleyClinicalSkinCare.com  

Please let me know if I can answer any questions or be of assistance in any way.

Best regards,

Michele Corley


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