I have been doing regular eyelash extensions (singles) for a while now and am thinking about adding clusters. I tried the Ardell black glue with Ardell clusters and that did not hold 24 hours. Does anyone do these and what do you use for glue? Should I use my regular glue for singles?

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Hi there, I've been doing clusters as well and the Ardell glue that is made for clusters should be the only glue you use. Regular individual extension glue should not be used. Clusters are not made to stay on as long as individual extensions because they are placed on groups of lashes. If these stay on for weeks at a time, they will take out lashes that aren't ready causing bare areas.

Have you tried layering and staggering the clusters? I find that placing quite a few (15-20) groups of clusters on each eye helps them stay a little bit longer. But the nature of clusters themselves means they are pretty short-term, not like individuals.

Hope this helps!

I am fairly new to applying extensions as well and I have been trying to find cluster lashes. Can I order from Ardell without being certified by them? I was certified at my Esti school and I have been having problems finding a really good glue. I don't do a lot of applications so I hate the glue that only last 6 months. It horrible!!!! Does Ardell have a time limit on their glue as well? 

Ardell is carried at Sally's. These are non permanent eyelash extensions. The glue is latex-based and it is similar to applying strip lashes, except they come in little clusters. Each cluster has a small ball at the end where they are tied, and you apply the glue to that ball and wedge it in between the skin and the eyelashes, right at the lash line, on top of the lashes. This glue DOES touch the skin - that is normal. It is a completely different technique than extensions. There is no need to separate the lashes or anything, again, you are just glueing them on, and you will get the best stick by making sure they're adhering to both skin and lash. The client removes these at home with an oil based cleanser or makeup remover, as no permanent bond is made between the cluster and the natural lashes.

Not what I am looking for then... Thank you for the info!!

It is not a good idea to use your extension glue with cluster lashes because they will cross-link and cause pulling when they grow out. The point of cluster lashes is to have a quicker, inexpensive service that does not last as long as extensions. The black Ardell glue really is the best. Of course you could also prep the lashes with a little acetone to keep that glue holding for a day or so longer. Somebody with oily skin or vigorous sleeping habits will not last more than a couple days. Dry-skinned individuals who sleep on their backs may get 4 days or so from them. Again, don't spend a long time doing them because the price point and customer expectation are much lower with these than with extensions.


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