Hello! What is the going commission on services and retail sales these days?


Thanks in advance, a

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I pay the Esty that works for me 40% on services and 20% on product. She pays for nothing....no supplies, no marketing, no anything. After the first of the year I am going to work out a plan where after she brings in a certain amount per pay period, her commission goes up. This way there's more incentive to get the clients to reschedule and/or purchase products.

Excellent feedback! Thank you Shelley!

Commissions are all over the place - but overall less than they used to be.

Lowest I heard this year was 25%... offered to a friend of mine...she turned it down but some other poor schmuck took it.   Highest was 60% (lol - and this was offered to me! Normally the highest would be 50% where that used to be the norm NOT the highest). I see no problem in accepting a lower commission if a person has no experience and needs the job. I think that 35% would be acceptable depending on the service rates.

Commission on product I have seen normally at 10% with higher rates paid if minimum goals are met.

Thank you Cindy. I feel if you're starting out, lower commission is expected. Thanks for sharing.


I've been at a local spa part time making 50% commision off services. There is no base pay so a big factor is how many clients you will have starting out. For me it has been very slow but it is starting to pick up. It just takes time to get established.

Me too. Just started working part-time at a ladies only fitness club making 50% service commission and 10% retail commission. Business has been slow except for people redeeming LivingSocial deals that is about to expire. I'm excited!


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