does anyone use this product line?

thinking about trying it out is it good?

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it keeps poping up everywhere...I have never used it.  Let us know if you do.

I've ordered the samples-went back and forth about what I  wanted-Ended up getting Skin Scripts but think I am going to add some of this line to my retail....Its nice-I think its pretty packaging-clean smells that could go for men or women-I wanted to carry two lines and I did-The other line I chose didnt end up being what I thought and the gratis is non-existent....(Not skin script, love it)-Only liked the cleansers-BUT with CC you get great gratis, they help you out with any order amt, the acne line is good-I love the spfs; I am on the verge of ordering....Get them to mail you samples and ask them to mail you hand-made samples if you want to try everything...I also like the fact they have hydroquinone for sun damage and another product for natural ingredients only....THe Acne and Sun Damage line seems to be my fav-I like the Core also!!! This is a long message and I am rambling!! Sorry!

Kim, I also had them send me free samples and agree with everything you said! I like the Acne and Sun lines as well.

And I love their "Exfo TOnic"-6.7 oz for like 24 bucks-Great acne tonic and I think it would be great for ingrowns...Also the Ceramide Lotion is nice and rich-smells wonderful-only like $32 for 2.5 oz-Medicated Pumice wash=love.....Crystal C Serum, Intensive Lightening lotion with spf30, Aroma Matte Day Cream spf 30-LOVE!! Ok!!! I am going to look back into this and figure out my order!! THe pro special this month is buy 3 sun damage collection products get 4th free....

Did you end up using this line? If so, what were your thoughts? I have been considering this line too.

I am having samples sent to me to try out. Really nice company. Worth checking out. They will send you samples. I personally used sulphur mask on a blemish this weekend, slept in it and it was significantly reduced in size :).

That's great! I use the makeup remover by them through universal and I really like it and so do my clients. Can clients purchase the products online or only through a skincare specialist?

I used the line exclusively for about 2 years.  It had everything that I needed, but I felt it was lacking in the areas of peel options and the scent of the products were ok.  It was great to be able to order in any quantity needed.  You can also consult very easily with their skilled and knowledgeable Estys.  I learned a lot from using their line and the price point is very reasonalbe.  I do not currently use it because I wanted to go with a product that did not use parabens and focused primarily on organic, natural and botanically sources ingredients.  I am currently using Rhonda Allison and absolutely love it.  Peel options are over the top, it is a little more expensive but my clients love it.  My retail tripled once I started carrying Rhonda Allison.  I think Control Corrective it is a great beginning line as you really can't go wrong with carrying it.


  The spa I work at switched over to it a year ago and for the most part, I like it. The line has a lot of active ingredients that get results and their packaging and labeling make it super easy to select products. Customer service is great and they have facial protocols and well done manuals. My favorite back bar items are the lactic green tea peel, gly peel and zyme peel and the massage oil. The cleansers are nice, love the thermo gel mask and sensitive skin enzyme mask. The exfo tonic contains a high amount of alcohol which is irritating to skin so I do not use it on my clients. Any skin care line I've found seems to have good and not so good products. Good luck!

Exfo Tonic does have alcohol, but I've learned it isn't always a bad ingredient-especially for oily/acneic skin....Some alcohol is actually moisturizing....Cetyl and Lauryl......Isopropyl and SD alcohol are drying....which can be beneficial for acneic/oily skin.....If you are ASCP Member, Dr. Mark Lees has a great webinar about these things...

Thanks for the info everyone! It has all been very helpful!

I love, and carry their sunscreens! I also love their Creamy Peptide Peel, and the Zyme Peel..along with the Sensitive Skin Enzyme Mask! I think their 'sensitive' line is also quite good. I absolutely adore their facial massage products (Hydra Calm Oil, and the Skin Nourishing Balm is delightful!) The Acne Treatment Cream is great.  That is pretty much all that I carry / use because of various ingredient reasons( that I just don't like, and choose not to work with, or sell to my clients)  ;)  


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