I just searched the forums for "cruise ship" and I know that they primarily use Elemis in the facials on board.  I also read a piece on Rene Rouleau's website where she interviewed a cruise ship esthy.  I am wondering if anyone has personal experience or has had a friend or colleague who has done this?  

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In particular, I am wondering day-in-the-life type things...  I know staff quarters are tiny and windowless, and there's no internet, and that you work a LOT...  I am wondering things like pay, additional responsibilities beyond esthetic treatments, how is the food, do you have access to a gym, and whether you ever get to disembark on excursions, etc.  Thank you in advance to anyone who has any inside knowledge!!

Hi there! We have an article coming out next month in ASCP's Skin Deep magazine about this very topic. In the meantime feel free to reach out to ASCP's Programs Coordinator at megan@ascpskincare.com, she has two years of experience working on a cruise ship as an esthetician. 


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FANTASTIC thank you so much

No problem!



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