Hello, I read somewhere on here a awhile back about how to use the dermafile as a treatment and I can't find the exact post... I'm looking to see how you guys use it in your treatments (stand alone or incorporating it in your facials) and what exactly are you calling it, marketing it as?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! :-)

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Thank you!!! :-)

Shelly Hancock uses one, maybe check out her group or her professional page for more info.  I think some people use them right on top of an enzyme for extra exfoliation. 

Hi Angel,

I prefer to use my dermafile on dry skin.  So after I cleanse and steam with a Skin Script Enzyme, I remove the enzyme with a warm towel and dry the skin.  Then I apply a toner to degrease the skin. Very important step. Allow the skin to thoroughly dry then you can begin your treatment.  Some people use the dermafile to remove the enzyme in the step above but I find that it's much more effective on dry skin.

Here's how I market my Dermafile Facial. This is from my website http://www.faceitbeautiful.com

Diamond DermafileTM Resurfacing Treatment: $125  90 minutes

The DermaFile helps build collagen, reduces the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, acne scars and hyperpigmentation (brown spots). A holistic alternative to peels or microdermabrasion resulting in smooth baby soft skin. Includes treatment of the face, neck and décolleté, cleanse, steam with enzyme treatment, massage of the face, neck & shoulders, hydrating mask, treatment serums, moisturizer and sunscreen. Not recommended for clients with inflamed skin, acne, rosacea, sun/wind burned skin.

My clients love this treatment and keep coming back for more.!

Thank you sooo much!!!! :-)
I just got my dermafiles today and can't wait to use them. How do you clean yours and where do you get the supplies to do so
What is the first time client reaction/feed back when they go home? Do they call you back to ask question about the redness on their skin? Or because the skin feels irritable? What mask do you use right after the treatment? Thank you for your help. How can you make this treatment a relaxing and enjoyable one?
Hi Denise,
do you have before and after photos of your clients that did the dermafile treatment? also, do you have a YouTube video regarding this protocol? Thank you!
I have tried dermafile but I hated the results. I am too demanding.

I only ordered the Fine grit, and I just wasn't impressed either.  Tried it on dry skin, over enzymes, etc.  What protocols did you try?

I haven't ordered mine yet.. But if you go to the actual dermafile website, she has the cleaning solution and disinfectant for sale there... Hope that helps!! :-)
Thanks...I saw that but was hoping to find out that the only place to get it wasn't on line. I don't want to have wait for it to be shipped. I'm very impatient

The most important thing about cleaning the Dermafiles is that when you finish using it don't just lay it to the side while you finish your facial....put it down in your water. You don't want the skin to dry on it!! When you step away from your treatment, take it to your faucet and run under hot water. Use a soapy toothbrush to scrub and then put it down in your disinfectant. It's good to have an ultrasonic cleansing machine (jewelry cleaner). I got mine on Amazon for about $50. I try to be good about doing that once a week. Hope this helps!!


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