Hello, I read somewhere on here a awhile back about how to use the dermafile as a treatment and I can't find the exact post... I'm looking to see how you guys use it in your treatments (stand alone or incorporating it in your facials) and what exactly are you calling it, marketing it as?? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! :-)

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Shelley, may I ask which ultrasonic machine you purchased?

It's not a big brand name. I played around with a few different ones and this is just the one I liked the most. One of the things I looked for was comfort in my hand. I know that sounds a little strange but when we're using something all day long, it can't be awkward in our hands! Also, I saw the most immediate difference in the skin and I liked the price point. You can see info about it as well as a video I made using it on my website. Thanks for asking!

Now I am confused.  Are you talking about the Dermafiles not being a big brand name?

I was actually curious about the ultrasonic machine.  There are many on Amazon, all made in China I imagine and all with good and bad reveiws.

But since I have your attention ;)  I am interested in the Dermafiles and wondering if you will have them at the Face and Body expo this year.  I would like to try them....weigh them in my hand, like you say, and feel them on my skin before I purchase.  An alternative to chemical peels, yay!

Thats funny I didnt see your post. I just put look up Shelley Hancock she has a video

Today was my first time using dermafile. I did one side of my face with my skin dry and on the other side I applied lemon zest enzyme and did it on top of it. The dry side was and still is very painful. I was very carful and used a light hand. I used the fine file. After I applied the lemon zest enzyme my face was on fire for 60 seconds, then lower the intensity. On the side that I did dermafile on top of the enzyme was not painful. Even now after 2 hours the side where I did dry skin is in pain. I am not positive if I still like to use dermafile on a client. Any thoughts?
Oh my gosh, I did the same thing. I used dermafile dry then applied lemon zest enzyme and was immediately sorry I did. I took the enzyme off right away and was red and sore into the next day. My skin seemed fine until I applied the enzyme then scratches actually appeared on my skin that hadn't shown up before. I have decided that I am not going to use the dermafiles on dry skin ever. If not over an enzyme then over the seaweed mask but not dry. Just seems too risky on dry skin. Maybe you have to become more experienced with them to Use dry, I don't know.

I have had my Dermafiles for about 2 years now. I love them!  I have to say...that I would NEVER use an enzyme after I used them on the skin. I do use the dermafile in little circles over the TOP of a mild enzyme like the SS Enzyme and Peach, and get incredible results. I use them on dry skin too....but, never use enzymes, or serums with AHA or BHA's..only nourishing products that will restore lipids and hydration. Cooling, soothing masks are wonderful after Dermafiling as well!

I've been using and selling the Dermafiles for about four years and I'm very curious about the reactions you two gals got! Please make sure that the file is completely flat as you are moving it back and forth (or in circles, I like to do circles!). I feel like the only way you can end up with scratches is if the edge of the file is hitting their skin.

I apply the lemon zest after Dermafiling quite a bit (it's my favorite combination) and my clients don't have this reaction you guys are speaking about. if either of you would like to chat to see if we can talk through anything, please feel feel to give me a call. (650) 610-0619

I am also surprised. I admit that I was afraid to use them on dry skin but once I did, I realized how much more amazing these things are to have in my treatment room. I have crazy, sensitive skin. I can't do much to it and I definitely can't handle the lemon zest enzyme but I didn't have any issues with the derma files. I was super gentle and used it dry and with the coconut/papaya enzyme. In fact, the first time I had it done, Lisa (from SS) did it on my face during a training class using the coconut enzyme. No reaction. 

I just make sure I go slow and pay attention to the skin and how it reacts. I also keep touching it with my fingers in case I notice something that doesn't feel right. I also tell my clients to tell me if something doesn't feel right (obviously I word it a little better :) ). 

Keep playing with it, ladies. Maybe on your hands, legs or a friends back just to get some practice. My clients love these and love that they get the same results that they did from Microdermabrasion but at a lower cost.

so what is a typical treatment you are doing on a client? are you using it dry first them applying enzyme or acid? how long? and do you sell them in series or just a stand alone facial?



I have been throwing it in Cindy.  I have used on top of a cleanser and I have used on top of the SS blueberry enzyme.  That was really nice!!  I used on myself on top of the green tea cleanser.  I have it as an add on service, but honestly I will probabnly just throw it in.  Again...added complimentary value I suppose :). 

thanks I just emailed you!!!


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