Hi. Has anyone used any of the Dermawave machines? Please let me know what you thought of the purformance?  Thanks!

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Yes! It's the ONLY ones I've used over the past 10 years (after trying others and seeing other since). They're modular and are cross-compatible across their product line over many years, allowing updating. The Cub 7 has a MUCH higher output than celluma, say. These are the units used by dermatologists. And they even designed a microcurrent head that plugs into all of their units without having to buy a whole new machine. They've answered any question I've ever had without hesitation. They know their stuff and have a VERY informative website. Recommended.

Thank you very much!

Sure! And with you asking, it reminded me to look in on their website to see if they had any new goodies. It looks like they're having an easter sale right now if that might interest you. :-)


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