Hi all! I own a small skincare studio.  I often get asked by clients which dermatologist I recommend to for annual skin cancer checks etc.  I am currently constructing a letter to send to a few local derms.  I'm hoping to develop a rewarding referral relationship with a derm.  I don't know how to sell myself or the idea of referring to each other...help?!  We all know as skin care professionals that we have time (derms don't) to spend with our clients and educate them on how to make skin savvy decisions.  On the other hand we need our derms for diagnosis and skin cancer checks as well as the occassional RX.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Stephanie,

This can be a great avenue for networking and business building. Any derms that do not currently employ an esthetician perhaps only offer medical grade laser treatments etc, are a good source. I have had some good luck with partnering in the past. In the last few years, more derms had jumped on the esthetics wagon and offered medi-spa services to their client, however, there are also those that prefer to keep their practice medical only, and are just not interested in offering those services, even renting out an unused room. Never hurts to try- and be sure to emphasis what you can do to help their business...that's what they will care to hear the most.  Good luck!

Thank you Kirsten for your reply!



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