Hello everyone, I recently opened my spa and considering different marketing strategies. I am aware that client referral is number one but have pretty small client base at this point. What is your experience with targeted direct mailing? Really appreciate your feedback

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I did a bit of it early on.  I would say to keep your postcards very simple and include a very tempting offer for first time guests.

Thank you!

Marketing for a new business is tricky since it is hard to know what will connect with your audience

Generally speaking, print is dead, but direct mail is picking up since junk email has replaced much of the junk paper mail.

Getting a qualified mailing list is the tough part. InfoUsa will sell you any demographic slice you want, but you have no idea of they are spa customers or not and no way to slice through it to find out.

budget for at least 3 campaigns in 4 -5 months with different offers.  They used to say it takes 8 impressions to make a sale. Not sure what the current thinking is given how easy it is to bombard people with information these days.

OVernightprints.com will print your postcards and mail them to -- all very easy to use and good turn-around time

Thank you so much1

I wish i had your full name

I just called them and they are very helpful



I do a direct post card and have had wonderful success with a half off sale.  I do it only in OCTOBER (but you could do any month).  At half off, I increased my client base by 300%!!!  It was amazing!!!  At first I thought I would be wasting my time and money on it as it's a huge discount but everybody who came in to get a facial rebooked with me.  Three people rebooked with me for the same month for other things.  I saw a webinar once that said that everybody that you see you can turn into 4 more sales.  I tried this strategy.  I did a facial (one sale), rebooked them (2nd sale), sold them retail of something (3rd sale) and they referred a friend to me (sale number 4).  It was worth it's weight in gold as far as I am concerned.

I also was able to share marketing with a local gym, the library, mom's groups, and church women's groups.  That helps!

Did you have a company that printed your labels for a certain area?  How did you get your mailing lists?


Mailing lists are available from INFOUSA.com

You should work with a printer that also does mailing services, like overnightprints.com

You just need some basic file saving skills in excel!

Hi Amy

I would love to hear more regarding your direct mailing or any other marketing tips you would like to share. It's been so discouraging. I thought during the Christmas season I would be busy, but I wasn't at all.

I'm in the same building with a lady that does botox, lasers etc....and I'm working in a salon. My prices are only $25 for a Express Peel which is what I've been promoting. I have cards from Vista Prints that I was going to hand out to area businesses after the first of the year to help draw clients.

Thank you again

Not sure if you have this in your state...but here in ohio we have local community newspapers that list recent home sales.  This is a totally cost-free way of direct mailing to new home owners in your area.  I always have "welcome to the neighborhood"  postcards from vistaprint ready to go.  I usually just offer something small like complimentary brow wax.  Many new residents are from out of town/state and may be looking for a new waxer!  I always get folks in with these, many long time clients who have sent many referrals.  Purchasing a mailing list can be very $$ and you never know the demographic you are mailing to.   This is a very cheap and easy way to get a few newbies!

I'm always slow in December too. I would find the ideal client and work from there. Does she go to the gym? G r overt s tore etc. I work in a massage center so I have a kind of built in mailing list. I also mail out a monthly "newsletter" and birthday cards are a huge hit!!! I also worked with several of our local companies for a girl's night. 

Wow, great information! I can see where my next marketing bid is going.


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