So, I want to offer some body treatments but we don't have a shower. Ideas?

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Depending on the products used, you can often manage with just very wet heated towels

Mud, seaweed and very fine scrubs don't work so well in this method, but most of your salt-based and pasty scrub products work

Yes!  Dry body brushes are very cheap through spa suppliers, and feel wonderful.  We do one that is dry body brushing, peptide/coconut antiaging massage oil (HydroPeptide's product), and hot towels, and people love it, especially when you make the draping nice and cozy, and maybe have a table warmer turned on.  Who does not want a relaxing, skin-softening treatment in the winter?

To clarify, dry brush, then hot towel to get all that ucky dead skin off, then effleurage with the special oil, and then blot the body with hot towels so that a little bit of the treatment product stays on. 

I would love to hear more about this also

Hey, that's really all there is to it!  You can do it with standard massage draping and a $2.50 dry body brush (client takes the brush home to use) from any massage supply company.  Lots online about the benefits of dry brushing, too.  Just expose each area as you would for a massage, but rather than massage, you will be lightly dry brushing the skin, towards the heart.  Then wipe that area down with a hot towel, and proceed to dry brush/hot towel the whole body.  Next go around in the same fashion but with a treatment product of your choice.  It's good to go with something you might retail, for obvious reasons.  In this treatment you're not giving a massage, just a gentle effleurage "lotion application."  Drape all the way around just like one would when giving a massage.  In my studio, we have table warmers and infrared lamps (same ones used in acupuncture offices), so you can keep the client warm with the table warmer, and avoid coldness on each limb with the lamp.  The blotting off after the treatment product is really optional, depending on the texture - since we use HydroPeptide's anti-aging massage oil, in case it doesn't fully absorb, we just blot a little bit.  The focus is really on making the person feel warm, cozy, soft, and loved.

Well I have been toying with seasonal body offerings such as a ginger clove and orange for winter, an aloe one for summer sunburned, a tropical one for January a chocolate one for Valentine's etc. Trying to come up with a standard couple to offer.

I usually dry brush, then apply the lotion/oil that h a s been in my towel warmer, with a brush. Then, I wrap them up, do a face and neck massage and head massage. Then, I unwrap them and massage in the lotion. I leave warm dry towels for them to "dry" off. 

But I would love to add more to this service. Ideas?

Thank you for all the info love it and it sounds heavenly!!

Where did you find your table warmer and infra red lamp?


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