Hi Everyone...

I educate at a school in Canada called the Esthetic Institute: The classes I handle are on this link:  Chemical Peel and Product Knowledge

This school will also be CIDESCO next year and what is cool is they will train with Serene... Sorry that was a plug. ;)

But here is the reason for this post:

How many of you would travel to Canada to take a course or multiple courses to get the education and experience to offer these services to your clients?

Here are the details with regards to brows...


Embroidery Brows - Microblading

I said many would and I thought I would find out the opinion on this board.  See picture of the before and after of the Program Director.



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Sorry the link above did not work:  here it is but copy paste it to see the classes


- Marty

Hi - Eyebrow Microblading/Embroidery is a hit.  As you know, it is big in Europe and Asia.  It is just now starting in the states.  When I was looking for training in 2014, there really was no one in North America.  So Yes I would have traveled to Canada.  However, is  my plug.   I do Microblading now and so does my daughter who is amazing.  She now teaches both in New York and Texas.   There is plenty of  opportunity because it is still so new and neither professionals here nor clients understand what it is.  When done correctly, it is so beautiful.

So good training is needed.  FYI our site is www.browdesign.com and can also be seen on Facebook.   Go for It.

Canada is too far. I want to find a U.S. Trainer on the east coast
Hello Marty,

Where in Canada would classes take place for Browtician & Microblading? I am interested. I'm in the Seattle Wa Area.

Thank you,



Check the home page, here:  http://estheticinstitute.ca/

Look at Vancouver dates.  That would be the best... right?  Or Calgary. Or Contact the school and talk to Vanessa, the program director.

Marty Glenn



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