Hi All,

I am looking to add some new equipment to my spa shortly (within 6 months or so).

Most importantly, I have a cheapy microderm machine that needs to be replaced.  Replacing that is probably #1 on my list.

Has anyone used ImageDerm microderm machines?  I want a crystal (or dual crystal/diamond) machine.  ImageDerm machines have an Oxygen/serum spray function and LED in the wands (I probably wouldn't get the LED in the wand... can't see how that's too beneficial really when the wand moves so quickly over the skin).  BUT, I like their machines quality, size and weight.  Pricey, for some models.

LED, I'm liking the Celluma.  With the recent CA LED debacle, I put this on hold, but I have a small room that I'd be able to dedicate to this.

I'm interested in microcurrent, though I know very little about it (not even sure its OK in CA...?)

Anyone have thoughts?

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I use n have been using a medical microdermabrasion machine from Athena beauty on east coast superior performance. I have used diamond head crystal microderm in doctors office n found it to be hard to clean the heads n on more mature skin it left track marks for days on clients....even on a very low suction setting.
Not a fan of micro current it doesn't last. I want real results to keep clients coming back. It's all hype don't waste ur money on it. All fluff.

I know this post is a few months old, but I love my Micro-Current! I have the Beautiful Image machine and have had great result. Even if I didn't use it on clients, I would keep it for myself. The only downfall is that I was just inspected by the board in CA and was told I can't use Micro-Current even though she couldn't explain why. :(  Anyways hopefully with all the new laws and the Master Esti program, this will change, so all I can say, if you get one now, keep it hidden and you should be fine. I'm allergic to botox and won't do surgery so micro current is the only thing that has helped my droopy left eye. I offer it as a stand alone treatment or add a few points to all my facials. Good Luck!

Did you get the ImageDerm machine? If so, what model and do you like it?

The Imagederm is dermabrasion and no, I don't have one yet, but would love the new PHP3000 machine that combines diamond microdermabrasion, hydrating infusion technology and LED.

I purchased the micro-current machine from Beautiful Image by Ray Baker.


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