Ive been offered a position instructing in a local trade school for the esthetic program and wondering what salaries are for this position across the board?

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I am in Tampa Fl and when I taught 2 yrs ago I made $20.00 hr. It was my 1st teaching job. The more experienced teacher was making $25.00 per hr.
Thank you. I'm think I got a good offer!

I am in WI and I got out of teaching about a year ago.  I started with $18 an hour.  

Thank you!

Salaries are whatever you agree to

That's true...

I'm in Ohio and my esthetics instructor said she made $30K/year, with no raise in at least 6 years. She also had a ton of experience in medical aesthetics and in spas, and has been licensed for 18 years.

Thank you for the great info! I think I made out ok in this position!
Depending on your area and if your full time or part time- if the school is private etc. Most teachers in my school had been there for at least 5-10 years. I asked the one and she said 'around '40g ( she was full time and she was maxed at that level she also mentioned. Most had another part time job or financial support from a spouse) . They also worked year round but got holidays and vacation time along with health benefits.
Thanks a lot! I think I'm being paid well but no benefits! I'm
Not considered full
Time. Just under. Probably did that in purpose.

The esthetic department I helped set up in Virginia was going to pay their instructors $32.00 an hour but they would get paid at the end of the semester due to it being in a college and that is the way they paid all of the professors. I am not sure who did a bigger double take me or the pending esthetic instructor!

It is imperative to ask about compensation. Does the school offer a yearly review with an increase in salary? Is their a bonus if you grow the department? Insurance? How do you get paid by credit hour or hourly-there is a difference! 

Teaching is very rewarding but ask lots of questions before taking the position. 

Cindy, I've been asking the same question myself. This will be my first teaching job and I'm not sure what the going rate is in Texas. Since the esthetics program is smaller compared to cosmetology, i will be teaching English and Spanish in one classroom. In any event, I'm excited about starting in two weeks but I pray that I will be compensated decently :) 


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