Ive been offered a position instructing in a local trade school for the esthetic program and wondering what salaries are for this position across the board?

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Yara, definite clear it up first. Also ask about exactly what you will be responsible for. I just started this new job 6 weeks ago and was asked to "help" with the curriculum. Welll that turned into re-doing it and re-structuring the program to allow students to drop in every five weeks and also becoming a hybrid. Half on campus and part
Online!!!! Well thank god I didn't have students for several weeks but it turned out to get pretty crazy and I had to tell the school I am not qualified to do this sort of work and it was really stressing me out. They seemed to understand and have taken that project off my back. So long story short clear up your salary and expectations. And insurance. I'm
Paid $24 an hour. No benefits because I'm
Not technically full time. Just under. Go figure. I still work pt in a spa setting to hang on to my clients and extra money. I will start with students in 4 weeks. So I hope it gets better. How long is your program/hours? What do you cover in the program?

Thanks for the info Cindy! I will be teaching the fundamentals. For right now I will be working part-time :)  going to inbox you


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