I am going to begin a p/t room rental at a local salon offering esty services and make up application. I will need my own insurance as a booth renter. Any recommendations for insurance companies to look at? I was thinking of ASCP, but I don't really know much about them. Any suggestions and advice is welcomed and much needed! Thanks!

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I love ASCP.  They are wonderful and have many extras that you don't get with traditional liability companies.  I also use Massage Liability Insurance Group (MMIP) to cover IPL and the Skin Classic (HF/RF) as ASCP does not.  They are a great company as well.

Thanks Erin for you help and response. I think I am going with ASCP. They were recommended on a few other groups I follow on fb too. They seem like the ideal choice.

I saw a few ppl checked in an older discussion and Skin Classic is covered by ASCP. Here is the link: http://www.skincareprofessionals.com/m/group/discussion?id=6332291%...
Not sure about IPL. I think for hf/rf if it falls in the scope of work in regards to your professional etsy license in your state you are covered.

Thanks for the recommendation, Erin! And we look forward to hearing from you, Natalie!

As far as IPL, it is not covered under the normal policy that's included with ASCP membership, but we have arranged for discounted additional coverage with the underwriter, so you may want to contact them to see how much it would cost for you, and whether it might be worthwhile. If you shoot me an email at abram@ascpskincare.com I can give you the contact info for the insurance company, or feel free to give us a call anytime at 800-789-0411. Thanks!

-Abram Herman, Social Media & Marketing Coordinator at ASCP


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