Hi my savvy estheticians,

i was wondering if there are any books out there to help guide an esthetician who is about to start a private practice.

  • marketing
  • finding a location
  • insurance
  • selection a product line
  • scheduling system
  • et...

I have a full time job as a cosmetic scientist, so this practice will be part-time (evenings and weekends).

I always appreciate your suggestion, please let me know what you successful private practice estheticians have done to get there?


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I recently bought The Heart of Esthetics by Diane Buccola.  It's fantastic! It really helped. I also have some fun marketing tips so please contact me if you need help.

I also recommend Shelley's Show and Tell and The Esthetician Mentor. Both WONDERFUL!

Also, lots of stuff on here about a product line. I recommend you make a list of what you want from one and work from there.

I would also recommend you decide on the right client, the right services and make your brochure FIRST then work out from there. 

We use Mind/body to schedule and it really is great. 

Insurace is Associated Skin Care Professionals and is GREAT. I recommend getting as much insurance as possible.

Finding a location, product line, and marketing strategy will all be determined by WHO you see as your perfect client.  Work out from there.  Marketing should refelct where they go and who they see.

Finding a location also should reflect this.  

Here's an example: I mainly do holistic, allergen free, natural skincare.  I am in a very artistic community right next door to a natural whole-foods type grocery store and two blocks away from a free-range butcher.  :D  Guess where I advertise? Hahaha!

Also, I have really branded MYSELF as the waxing lady in my town.  So much so that my clients send me meme's on my personal facebook page.  And Yes, Facebook is popular.  I have a professional page, but the whole point is to connect SOCIALLY with each other, so I add clients to my personal page.  :D I will tell you that it has been worth it's weight in GOLD doing it that way!  I can comment on my client's lives, recommend, laugh and cry with them and meet them on a personal level.  It's been a boon!  I even had tons of people send me requests and PM's to ask questions. 

Good Luck on your New venture! It is amazingly rewarding and wonderful.  I left a steady career as a Social Worker to do this and I've never regretted it althought the first year was a little scary!



Amy thank you so much!! your reply just motivated me and got me so excited. I'm working on my marketing material right now, brochure, website, facebook. you mention that the first year was a little scary... indeed. But I'm determined this year, i would much rather try and fell then to have not tried at all because of fear.

Don't let FEAR stop you! For sure, it's scary, but it's a GOOD kind! :D Greatest decision of my life!

Hi Nandy,

All ASCP members get a free small business handbook that can help you as well. It has information on all of those topics. There is also free online education on attracting clients.

Hope that helps a little.

Good luck, you will love it.

Oooh! Susanne! It really is fabulous! It helped me a LOT!!! Good recommendation!


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