I've been working at a busy spa for a couple of years now.  I've been able to acquire a very small committed client base. Often, just when I've "groomed" a client into caring for her skin with advanced treatments, she seems to disappear to other estheticians at the spa. There are nearly a dozen of us. The spa is great at roping in prospects however often when I get a new client and ask how I can help them they aren't interested in changing their soap and water routine or upgrading their service. Sure I educate them on the realities and some will "get it" and implore change. Is this common for most spas? I continually educate and improve skills, and of course improving my game is an ongoing process. I've been successful in the past (another part of the country) so I am confident it's not my abilities.  I really enjoy my work and where I work, it's my expectations I want to set straight. I get  discouraged and often take it personal when clients don't insist on rebooking with me. I am available for them 40+ hours/week.  If this is typical for spas, I can work on accepting it or explore options to remedy it.  Thanks for any insight.

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I read your post and I am sorry to say but I do not think this is normal. The estie business is a personal experience so here is something to think about:

1. Is there a competitive business model at the spa or does it encourage repeat business. What I mean is.. Is there stealing or back-stabbing going on with regards to esties and clients?

2. Seriously look at yourself and the other esties and where do you stand?  Top 4 middle 4 or bottom 4?  Be honest.

3. Is the receptionist or owner to blame?

The main question is this: Why are they leaving you for another estie when they have already been TOUCHED by you?

The word TOUCHED is the key because a facial experience is very personal and for them to leave you means something is going on and it is ok to lose a few but for you to ask on an open forum says you might just know the answer but are afraid to think that it might just be true.

Take this with a smile and if I am off base or wrong then I am glad, but if not, I am glad to have given you something to think about.

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science

Thanks so much for your response. I am on the top. I think my expectations are high because I had a successful solo biz in a more upscale area. It took me years to develop a clientele then and it's taking time here as well. I guess I get impatient.  A lot of gift cards to grammas and teens.  I do look at myself with a critical view, that's why I get so bewildered. There are also more quality esties available as we have progressed and the public has become aware.  It's a challenging business requiring resilience.  Some people may favor "touch" but may not want to "connect".  Thank you for offering thought.


One of the biggest challenges that I see in the field of esthetics is this:

• Insecurity or Self Doubt

So let me add this:

I have formulated for top plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills and I can tell you this...

I would take a caring and hard working estie over a plastic surgeon any day as it relates to a topical facial procedure.  Period!

I think that says it all and I hope you will soon see the success you deserve and that measures up to the reflection in the mirror.  I would bet that it is already there and you are correct: You set the bar very high for yourself.

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science

I've been doing this a long time and I am continually gaining and using my education and sharpening my skills.  I don't doubt myself.  I see that most spas offer very little to the seasoned esthetician. Probably because they can't. Not a place here I want to share too much opinion-- I'll just say you can have the best game in town... go open up your own business. Or teach newbies and let the games begin as competition gets fierce and prices drop. If you really love helping people, choose a niche that's challenging-- whether it's in skincare or a close relative, mental care. If it's easy or too much fun you will have way too much company.  That's not exactly my situation but that's enough griping from me.  I love and am passionate for this business and I will find a way to last.  Thanks Marty for being the only one who braved this topic!


You are very welcome. Being in this business on your side is tough and that is why...

Self Promotion Coming... :)

With regards to opening orders, minimums, inventory and customers bringing back product...I always stand by the estie and never think about the money.  Ever!

With that said I am not afraid to state my opinion or be called an A$$. But at the end of the day I try very hard and give the best that I can and it sounds like you do as well. I think there was no response because the topic is large and difficult to pin down and maybe you just wanted to vent or hear anything that was different then what you have been thinking.  If the latter is the case, then I hope I have helped in some small way.

Marty Glenn

Skincare Science


I am sure you have read other things I have said and to be honest I am surprised the site moderator has not blocked me. lol


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