Would love ideas on add-ons to my existing facial treatments (example: Lip and undereye area): any great products that you have tried and have had great results with!

Thank you!

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I do Microcurrent eye &/or lip treatments with facials.  Clients love it!  I use Dermalogica products. 

HI Jodi, Thank you for your reply. I don't have a microcurrent machine..(yet) What kind do you have and are you happy with the machine? 

We have the BT Nano and I like it.  It's the only one I've ever used. 

As far as lips you can do a scrub, mask and Hydrate. Apply all with cotton swab or disposable lip applicator. There are many out there. Also massage around lip area and lines with a serum.

Eye treatments you can use a cooling mask or tea bags then do a serum massage around area concentrating on pressure/trigger points. The also sell the "collagen masks" and other you place around or under eyes. Universal has them..


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